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Hypnotism or Surveillance
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Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Nov-26-2008 07:17

I would like to go on a villian hunt soon.

I have all the charm and smart skills, but no faction skills.

I have enough points for 1 faction skill now. Which should I get? Hypnotism or Surveillance, which one is more helpful for a villian hunt?


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Nov-26-2008 11:08

To answer your question as to which is more helpful on AVHs, Surveillance or Hypnotism, I personally would go for Hypnotism. Having a suspect give you one or two additionnal names under hypnosis could save you from asking other suspects useless questions thus saving their input for Witness Evidence which could be crucial to pinpointing the guilty party.

Surveillance is great too but doesn't always work and if it does you can only use it on one suspect per case. On AVHs you can have more than one
clammed up suspect per case, I've seen cases with at least 4 clammed suspects.

Have fun sleuthing :))

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