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Help,my career is in trouble


Nov-19-2008 01:06

I made 2 false acusations,and I'm afraid to take another case because I'll lose my liscence if I make one more mistake.

It starts out great at first,but I'm having trouble getting all the clues becuse the suspects are clamming up too soon.

I sure could use alot of help.


Caro Lamb
Caro Lamb

Nov-19-2008 02:57

If I were you, I'd let that detective go. If you already have 2 FAs, it will be very difficult for you to pay Shady to clear off your record. You can create a new one, read carefully the help file and the "Welcome Newbies" thread, and then never, never guess. If you are not sure who your killer is, just quit the case.

Also it's very important that you choose your skills carefully. First get the sweet talking and rule bending, if you already don't have them, then the hair and thread analysis so that you'll be able to find all evidence on the crime scene. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck!

Caro Lamb
Caro Lamb

Nov-19-2008 03:05

I was sure I was sending a PM, but I pressed the wrong button :)

Violet Parr
Violet Parr

Nov-19-2008 03:31

Dear Ms. Duck,

I agree with Caro Lamb on this one.

If I were you I would use the experience gathered to start over. Again, read the "Welcome Newbies" thread as it has some valuable information pertaining to accusing suspects.

In the case that you are strongly attached to your current detective, my advice would be to subscribe. If you subscribe and join an agency, they would most likely loan you the money to pay off shady, clear your record, as well ensure you never get into trouble again.

They will help you learn and grow as a detective, plus all the other good stuff that comes along with a subscription.

*nods politely*

Old Shoe

Nov-19-2008 09:02

Also, if you subscribe, and join an agency, you will be able to find, download and use a program I made to aid case solving...
(look at the agency website of ISAC)
While you still will have to think, and you need some minimum skills for the program to work properly, the program has a restrictive feature when it comes to accusing suspects. It will not let you proceed unless the program (which is limited in it's logic) also are able to agree this is the killer.
The program will only work for detectives who are in an agency. And, you are only allowed to join an agency if you are subscribed.

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