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New 'High Scores' category
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Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Nov-7-2008 12:32

I was a little bored earlier and was taking a look at the high scores board. Isn't it about time we had a another category added for the older detectives now? There's so many out there who are...well lets say getting on a bit ;)

I know it's not exactly a major change and probably not such a big deal to most people but I don't know, it just seems fitting that as more and more people are hitting 600+ days now (and quite a few people are well over a 1000 days) that we have some new categories to the high scores boards.

Any thoughts?



Nov-8-2008 23:25

Yeah, apparently dawgs pee on a lot of trees... :-D

So, back on subject, perhaps the "agency resume" idea would work better if there were parameters that only used agencies you were in for more than a certain amount of days. That would weed out the "item delivery" type of agency hop.

Old Shoe

Nov-16-2008 18:05

Or how about: 1st detective to dislocate their wrist while trying the secret handshake category...

erm - that'll be me.

Ctown - I'll happily show you, but you'll have to wait til the plaster comes off....

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