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Investigating the Elusive Barry Grant
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Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Oct-28-2008 02:14


“He’s just gone!”

“What do you mean gone?”

“I mean gone, detective, disappeared without a trace.”

“Barry Grant? Gone?”


“And what do you expect out of me?”

“What should I expect out of you?”


nicole satigny
nicole satigny

Dec-7-2008 11:25

On the boat home, Nicole found a copy of a Shanghai newspaper dated a couple weeks after that marvelous tea. She read how he was now imprisoned in Broadmoor in northern England and shuddered. She'd heard how that was the Alcatraz of England; he'd never leave there alive and his stay there was definitely going to be unpleasant. The article also wrote that Mr. Grant's lover, a Miss Rebecca Franks, was now also imprisoned in the same facility but in a different different building. They'd be so close, yet unable to see each other forever. How romantic, each yearning for the other and never able to meet again.

On the other hand, Mrs. Smith was going to be delighted that she would not have to deal with the people across the street. No more shooting up the place!

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