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Investigating the Elusive Barry Grant
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Clift Garrett
Clift Garrett

Oct-28-2008 02:14


“He’s just gone!”

“What do you mean gone?”

“I mean gone, detective, disappeared without a trace.”

“Barry Grant? Gone?”


“And what do you expect out of me?”

“What should I expect out of you?”


nicole satigny
nicole satigny

Dec-6-2008 19:20

Feeling that she should come to the aid of a fellow probable American, Nicole got up, crossed the street and asked one of the officers what they were doing. He replied gruffly that they were taking another drunk back to the drunk tank to sober up and that she needn't worry about him anymore. She watched them and crossed back over to where Mrs. Smith was sitting. "Was that…" she started asking.

"Yes", Mrs. Smith declared emphatically. "That was Barry Grant."

Loosey Goosey
Loosey Goosey

Dec-6-2008 19:34

Apparently she'd been promoted to lead lackey of the Home Office. She'd been assigned to interview one Miss Rebecca Franks and advise her of the impending changes. She entered the small interview room to find Miss Franks with her head on the table, cushioned by her folded arms. She had to clear her throat loudly twice before she raised her head and looked her in the eye. "Who are you?" Rebecca asked. She answered that her name was Lucy Goosey and that she was there to talk to her.

"Do you remember receiving a visit a few days ago by a very well dressed man with a very bad accent, a man who couldn't pronounce his R's?" Rebecca nodded yes slowly. "He was a representative of the Chinese government. They have recently asked for a review of your status. He was under orders to try and elicit a confession from you. Apparently, you refused to write one down, instead insisting to others that you are innocent."

"I am innocent" Rebecca cut in.

"In any case, the Chinese were going to view that confession as a sign of repentance. They would thus have asked us to reduce or remove your sentence. I am happy to say that since you did not do so, they have asked for a revision of your sentence in the other direction. Given our report of the other goings-on since that visit by their representative, they've actually asked that your sentence and your circumstances of incarceration be harshened. I will explain more about this in a minute."

Rebecca sat there, mute and numb to her soul.

Loosey Goosey
Loosey Goosey

Dec-6-2008 19:36

"In the meantime, our latest notes on you reveal that you feel that your trial was a sham, that it was slanted only to reinforce your guilt despite your proclaimed 'innocence'. While we both know just how 'innocent' you are, I think that you actually misunderstood a key part of your trial. You were tried by the rules of Chinese jurisprudence. In that system, even in this learned day and age, the defense assumes the burden of proving your innocence. You are accustomed to the Western system where a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In the Chinese system, the defendant is guilty until proven innocent. Apparently your attorney was unaware of that distinction."
"But then, my counsel was inept. He didn't know what he was doing" Rebecca interjected.
Miss Goosey looked at her gravely. "You did choose who to appoint as your counsel, didn't you?" he asked.
Rebecca nodded vigorously. "At the time, yes. If I'd known this though, I never would have chosen him."
Miss Goosey resumed looking at her notes and continued in the same monotone. "Then it doesn't matter. Under Chinese law, once you choose your counsel of your own free will, you are stuck with the consequences of that decision. In other words, even if he didn't know what he was doing, because you chose him to defend you, there are no grounds for appeal because of ineffective counsel.
"Now, back to your life within these walls. The only responsibility that the British government assumed was in housing you in a secure facility. Apparently the Chinese didn't have a facility that they believed you wouldn't break out of. So they asked us to do it. The only reason that you are here instead of Broadmoor or the Isle of Wight was that they had no room at those premises. Happily that has changed too.

Loosey Goosey
Loosey Goosey

Dec-6-2008 19:42

"Given the statements that you have made while here, the authorities here have decided that your mental state is unstable. Consequently you are to be transferred to Broadmoor, where you will be afforded the very best in the treatment of psychological disorders, including the prescription of very powerful mind-altering drugs and the administration of electric shock therapy. Since you are now reclassified as a mental patient, your access to your lawyer and all unapproved visitors has been discontinued. The directors feel it would be better for you to have no contact with the outside world, so you will be kept in solitary confinement.
“Even better for you, you won‘t be alone. A Mr. Barry Grant will be joining you shortly at Broadmoor. He was convicted of violation of the Official Secrets Act, since his actions caused an American and a Chinese agents’ identities to be disclosed. They also convicted him of treason and desertion. Normally the punishment for that is execution by firing squad. Happily for you that was commuted to life in prison without parole. Sadly for you, the men’s section cannot be seen from the women’s. So the only way you’ll be able to see your beloved is if you are pushing up daffodils." Miss Goosey closed her file, raised her eyes to Miss Franks', and gave her a final word of parting. "Enjoy your life, Miss Franks. It is exactly what you deserve."

With that, Miss Goosey stood up and left the room. Rebecca sat in her chair and stared at the walls.

nicole satigny
nicole satigny

Dec-7-2008 11:25

On the boat home, Nicole found a copy of a Shanghai newspaper dated a couple weeks after that marvelous tea. She read how he was now imprisoned in Broadmoor in northern England and shuddered. She'd heard how that was the Alcatraz of England; he'd never leave there alive and his stay there was definitely going to be unpleasant. The article also wrote that Mr. Grant's lover, a Miss Rebecca Franks, was now also imprisoned in the same facility but in a different different building. They'd be so close, yet unable to see each other forever. How romantic, each yearning for the other and never able to meet again.

On the other hand, Mrs. Smith was going to be delighted that she would not have to deal with the people across the street. No more shooting up the place!

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