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We need you!

Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Aug-25-2008 05:59

Endeavour Investigations is #3 in London and #6 overall. Join us and help take us to the top. We're looking for a dedicated sleuth who enjoys treasure hunts as well as daily case solving.

If interested please contact Phoenix Shadow or myself Sophie4


Phoenix Shadow
Phoenix Shadow
Sleuth About Town

Sep-3-2008 14:26

Still looking for a new recruit here at Endeavour!

As Sophie says, we participate in Treasure Hunts, but we're also happy for sleuths to spend time travelling to get contacts, villains or take a "peaceful" voyage on the Sleuthetania!

We could definitely do with someone who has the Tailor contact in London, but that's not a requirement! If you want to be part of a fun Agency, give us a call!

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Sep-12-2008 21:37

As the top of the Recruitment board says, "you must be a subscribed player to join any agency in sleuth".

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Sep-13-2008 02:05

Then click on the subscribe link and do it :) It only costs about a starbucks a month to do it :)

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