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Olympics 2008
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Lucky Stiff

Aug-8-2008 10:19

Ok, so I had the Opening Ceremony on the TV in the background just now, even though I told myself I wouldn't watch it I think I ended up catching most of it intermittently...

... and I must admit it was quite spectacular imho. Although I can't help but wonder how big a carbon footprint it (and everything else like it) generates :P

So, in the spirit of "One World, One Dream", I challenge you all, whatever your political leanings, to dream a dream and then aim faster, higher and stronger towards it... be inspired by those athletes who are living their dream now.

... and I also challenge you to devote one more hour per week for exercise, be it swimming, football, mountain bike, dance, hiking, skating, you name it, if it gets your heart rate up, it's usually good for you. ;)

I have a dream, and I have a goal. What about you?


miss snopes
miss snopes
Demon of the Due Date

Aug-25-2008 09:58

I'm so with you on that Jesse! That was not a good day for us to say the least. Once was bad enough but the fact that they both dropped it was unbelievable!

I'm a little bummed the Olympics are over and I wish it didn't have to be another 4 years but I am looking forward to the London Olympics. Loved your part in the closing ceremonies (the bus was tremendous and as always, so was David Beckham ;))

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