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Olympics 2008
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Lucky Stiff

Aug-8-2008 10:19

Ok, so I had the Opening Ceremony on the TV in the background just now, even though I told myself I wouldn't watch it I think I ended up catching most of it intermittently...

... and I must admit it was quite spectacular imho. Although I can't help but wonder how big a carbon footprint it (and everything else like it) generates :P

So, in the spirit of "One World, One Dream", I challenge you all, whatever your political leanings, to dream a dream and then aim faster, higher and stronger towards it... be inspired by those athletes who are living their dream now.

... and I also challenge you to devote one more hour per week for exercise, be it swimming, football, mountain bike, dance, hiking, skating, you name it, if it gets your heart rate up, it's usually good for you. ;)

I have a dream, and I have a goal. What about you?


miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Aug-11-2008 20:05

I am loving the Olympics more this year than I have in a really long time. Absolutely incredible! Ctown, you are so right - Phelps is absolutely amazing!!!!

Pinball Amateur

Aug-20-2008 01:46

The Olympics are the one time when I'm a serious sports watcher. And while American television has been focusing on swimming, gymnastics, and track (all sports I really like watching), as Americans, we sometimes forget that there are a whole slew of sports taking place that don't get a lot of TV time, and a huge number of countries that rarely, if ever, see a TV camera focused on them.

Having said that, did you know....

That Afghanistan has a women's soccer/football team in Beijing (rather significant for a country that tends to oppress women in general, and women in particular for competitive opportunities and sports participation)??

That Myanmar/Burma actually has a competitive rowing teaming also going for gold in China?? (now there's something to say for the power of the Olympics ;-)

That a guy from Switzerland actually beat Michael Phelps in a heat race (who'da thunk that one? ;-) ??

That Norway won a bronze medal in equestrian show-jumping??

That Argentina won gold in cycling (the guy's been an Olympian since '84!! ;-) ??

That China is going for the gold medal in beach volleyball??

Just a few things to watch, and think about....

Good luck world!! Go for it!! ;-D

Brasco De Gama
Brasco De Gama
Old Shoe

Aug-20-2008 09:05

I'm actually really enjoying these Olympics... I've never known Team GB to be so good!! If we had Phelps we'd be second. (I know, I know "but you don't, so ner!")

Can't wait for 2012 now!!! :D

Hairlock Bones
Hairlock Bones

Aug-20-2008 14:23

This Olympics have been superb.

Natalie Du Toit is worth a mention for coming 16th in the Womens 10km swim given that she only has one leg.

I'm split in my feelings for 2012, on the one hand it will be AMAZING to host the Olympics.
On the other hand, I can't help thinking.........the millenium dome.......could be embarrassing.

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Santa's Little Helper

Aug-24-2008 18:43

A couple of days late, but...

I can't believe both the men's and women's (USA) teams dropped the baton in the 4x100 relays. I realize Tys0n Gay has had a terrible time pretty much all around, but I was hoping for a better show.

miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Aug-25-2008 09:58

I'm so with you on that Jesse! That was not a good day for us to say the least. Once was bad enough but the fact that they both dropped it was unbelievable!

I'm a little bummed the Olympics are over and I wish it didn't have to be another 4 years but I am looking forward to the London Olympics. Loved your part in the closing ceremonies (the bus was tremendous and as always, so was David Beckham ;))

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