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I Remember When....
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Reese Withers
Reese Withers

Jul-16-2008 00:41

someone suggested i make this thread, since ,according to them, i was going off topic. This is for all the "oldies" who remember what it was like for them, when they first started playing. Or new ones, whichever. Whatever your fondest memory is....list it here.

Here is what I remember...of my very first detective...Makensie Brewer....Joining Behind Closed Doors, thanks to the legendary Dr Falcon Maltese...and him showing me the ropes. That was a great time in that agency. I was so full of enthusiasm, and hard work. Wanting to make a name for myself. Wantng to learn everything.

After showing me the ropes, another detective came along..Ms Cevasco. Another dedicated worker, like I was. I havent seen her a long while but she was a dear friend, and i still consider her that to this day. Falco left the agency to her and I....we became the Directors of Behind Closed Doors, and we made a great team. Then she left, and I was the only Directer. I enjoyed it....and it was successful but guess it got too hard running it by myself sooo....I met another detective, who also became a dear friend...R Anstett. He took me in under his wing of the agency he was in, and I never left his side lol Where he went, I went.

Those were the days where everything in this game was alive, and going strong. Everyone was competitive in the hunts, and just so much passion in the community. I also enjoyed helping the new ones joining.

I met alot of wonderful people .....people I will never forget!

So what are your fond memories of back then? The good ol' days :)


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-9-2015 13:45

This one is getting BUMPED too..

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