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Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jul-7-2008 14:47

Am I the only one who finds it strange that what with all the booty these swarthy guys collect we only find old spoons in the catacombs?


Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Santa's Little Helper

Jul-7-2008 20:55

Lucky you for finding anything. I run at or a little below 50% success rate in the catacombs, and quite frankly I'm getting quite a bit upset about it. I take very careful maps, count steps, check and recheck for patterns, and hit at least two traps every time.

For all the time, effort, travel money and cases, and skill points I've dumped into these stupid missions I'd like a little something in return. Especially now that the pirates encounters have been modified. Not much, perhaps a failed university mission could yield a map of the other variety (dropped by pirates), or a IH favor item. Y'know just a little something to say, "You've not COMPLETELY wasted your last four or five days."

I have cases left for the day, but after two wasted maps in a row I'm done here. See y'all tomorrow after I've cooled down a bit.

[post self edited -twice now- for severe profanity]

Lucky Stiff

Jul-7-2008 20:57

Sophie, I've been wondering that myself. Perhaps all the good stuff is hidden in the "coming soon" portion of the USS Sleuthetania?

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Jul-7-2008 22:19

I'm going to have to agree with Jesse here. When I was picking the faction I wanted to help, I chose the Tea Steepers because I didn't want to be delayed in travelling, and now the rules have been completely modified, which makes my previous reasoning completely moot. Several times I was hit 3 times in one day and my agency lost a hunt because I didn't have enough cases left. Personally I didn't have a problem with the way things were because I felt that I worked hard and my investment paid off.

That would be like deciding that even if your client is guilty, you will still get the reward even if you don't have pickpocketing. Well that's absolutely wonderful for the newer players, but how do you think it would make the more experienced players, who spent weeks earning skill points, not to mention all the time it takes to build up faction status, feel?

Much like Jesse, I'm feeling quite ripped off. If anything, we shouldn't lose the map pieces if we have hostage negotiation. Maybe something like we convince the "guardian of the pyramid" (I'm reaching here I know) to allow us to hang on to our map.

miss snopes
miss snopes
Bounty Hunter

Jul-7-2008 23:30

The aye's have it!!! Thank all of you for saying exactly what I'm feeling on this matter. I also chart out, count steps, look for patterns, etc but am currently 0 for (i've lost count now) on finding ANYTHING!

Heimlich, I've posed that same question, so to speak, myself (Why doesn't hostage negotiation work on the pirates in the catacombs at least to a small degree?)

I've decided I'm finished dealing with the catacombs as I think I'm flagged when I go in and probably won't be having much luck in the future. I've gone with trap detection now with a new 2nd tec and will just let him find me what he can. After all, he can travel to Cairo AND travel the catacombs with no fear of the pirates or their traps!

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