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Quit or Guess?
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Sra. Omeris
Sra. Omeris

Jun-26-2008 07:36

I am still on my newbie days and I am faced with an incredibly hard case. This is my status:

* 2 Possible suspects
* 3 possible physical evidences that could apply to either suspect
* 1 of them "think he knows" who the killer is (not sure if this is something to consider or not)
* The three sources to verify my physical evidence are clammed.
* I already have 2 false accusations and no money to pay the shady character.

Q1: Should I take a lucky guess and choose a suspect? Or should I quit the case?

Q2: If I get suspended what happens exactly?

What would you do or recomend??


Lucky Stiff

Jun-26-2008 08:55

Oh hey, don't go thinking I'm a nice person cos I'm not! No no no, you don't wanna see me when I'm mad! Oh wait... most people will probably tell you I AM a bit mad. *shrug*

I forgot to mention also, that Shady can help you if you get an FA, BUT it will be very very very expensive, again it's not worth guessing.


Jun-26-2008 11:06

We ALL have to quit cases sometimes. Just part of the game.

Tireless Tiger

Jun-26-2008 16:39

If tk is nice then I'm the Pope! She not giving herself enough credit about being mad though! Shes a downright lunatic! :-P

Like Mooselady says, we all have to quit cases unless we want to make shady even richer than he already is!

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