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Freedom Fighter

Jun-21-2008 13:50

I've just had an experience in Cairo and I'm wondering if there's a reason for it that I don't know.

I went into the catacombs yesterday and retrieved an artifact (after being trapped twice).

I then tried to go in again and got popped out to the log in page.

I tried today again and the same thing happens. I still have this "Use your treasure map to explore the catacombs beneath the Great Pyramids.", listed as a mission. I was thinking I had that from doing a favor for one of my contacts, but maybe I'm wrong.

So my questions are -

Question 1:

Is that the mission message you get for doing a favor for one of your contacts?

Question 2:

Why do I get popped out to the log in page?

Thanks for any help!!!!


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jun-21-2008 21:47

Hmmm...I dunno what to tell you then...I guess maybe it is from your Cairo contacts...but as for why it brings you back to the login page....I dunno. Maybe its a glitch and really shouldn't be on your detective page anymore (the one message for your Cairo contacts).

Pinball Amateur

Jun-21-2008 22:21

You can have two maps, one for the pyramids, one from the university. What exactly your situation is, I'm a bit confused about. However, if you try to get the map for the pyramids AFTER you've got the university one, I've found, the system won't let you. I'm hoping that's your problem. If it's not, again, I'm lost. Sorry. :-/

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