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Reaper's has Trial openings!!!
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Nov-13-2004 21:55

We offer a unique experience to newbies… we offer an agency tour. As rookies you can have an idea of what happens in an agency. You can come in and have a look, get an idea of how detectives can help one another or how the treasure hunt is played etc. After that you can decide whether you want to start an agency on your own or join one.

Here are some details:
1. You have to be a subscriber!
2. You will have access to all sections of the agency except the locker and safe. We will open a treasure hunt whenever we can.
3. The tour lasts 5 days.
4. You don’t have to pay for this little adventure, although we wouldn’t turn away contributions toward rent.
5. You need to have a minimum experience points of 2000, so you have some sense of the basic game first.
6. If you are looking for some real action in a treasure hunt, this is not the place for you. We won’t be looking for specific contacts. So you may find all guys having tailor contact! (and boy this happens a lot!)
7. If you are interested, please leave a post at this message board. DON’T Private Message as it is not as stable a system, and we don't want to miss your message :).



Dec-7-2004 08:59

we opening up the tour again.

Mycroft Hammer
Mycroft Hammer

Dec-12-2004 22:58

Hi RiverGallery.
Is the Agencey tour still open? I've been playing for a couple of weeks now and wouldn't mind a quick tour of how and agency works.
My free time can vary quite a bit, so I don't really feel like I can make a comitment to anyone as a full time agent, but I'm interested in seeing how an agency works and looking at how the treasure hunts work too.

Majandra Belial
Majandra Belial

Dec-18-2004 16:21

This is the agency recruitment board.

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