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A Slight Change in Plans
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Pinball Amateur

Apr-28-2008 21:15

Had a bit of an 'oops' come up. Over the last 2 weeks, I"ve been dealing with a rather excruciating migraine. Standard meds have done little to help. After several trips to the E.R., I suffered a fall and blow to my head, and briefly passed out. After extensive tests, MRIs and CAT scans, the doctors found a small thrombosis, or blood clot, in my brain.

I've had a stroke.

I was released from the hospital yesterday, and am now recovering at home. The doctors are treating the stroke aggressively, and working very hard to prevent a repeat occurrence. I have a great medical team, and my family has been wonderful through all of this.

I greatly appreciate all of your encouragement and support. It's going to take time for me to get back on my feet, and your interest and caring will be invaluable to me. I thank you for that!!

Hope all of you are doing well. Again, thank you. ;-)


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Jul-31-2008 19:10

Its nice to see you online more Briet that tells me things are improving :)


Jul-31-2008 21:01

So sorry to hear about your health problems, Breit. I rarely check the message boards and that's why I'm late with my wishing you well.

God bless you and may He help you to heal rapidly. As Da Ru said, with God all is possible.



Old Shoe

Aug-2-2008 12:09


Pinball Amateur

Aug-9-2008 00:11

Hi Everyone!! ;-D

Thank you all for your well wishes!!

REESE!!! Where ya been, boss?? How's Zeus and the zoo doin'? ;-D

Happy!! You're back!! Nice to see you again!!

Woody!! AKA Ken!! How're you doing?? I hope things are going well for you and Carrie!! ;-D

And the other Ken!! HIII!!!!! How're the enchiladas?? Delicious, I hope!! ;-D

Heya, Hawk!! Thanks for the post! It was great reading about your family, and your Missy. Mine came to me through similar circumstances when she was just under a year old, and I've adored her since I laid eyes on her. She's my love. ;-D

Hugs to Huglover!! Thanks for the support and the enthusiasm!! You're great!! ;-D

And Daru and Texan!!!!!! Thank you so much for your posts and PM's!!! They really mean a lot! I've taken a lot of comfort from your inspiration. Thank you! (For those who don't recognize these two, they're two of the Original Old World Sleuthers. They've done incredible things for Sleuth, and their avatars appear all over cases all the time. Say hi to two of Sleuth's best! ;-)

As for me, I'm doing really well. Therapy's been going great. Within the last week, I've started being able to go up and down short staircases without using my cane or a bannister for help. YAY!! My sense of balance is also getting really good. I haven't had a slip or a fall in several weeks now. I'm able to go longer and longer periods of time without feeling tired or run down afterwards (started at about 10:00 this morning, and I'm still going at 11:00 tonight, with only a half-hour rest this afternoon. Not bad! ;-)

On the bad side, this past Tuesday and Wednesday, I came down with a serious migraine. The medications I've been prescribed to use weren't working, so I consulted my neurologist. She told me to up the painkillers, and put me on a short-term, high-intensity course of prednisone. I've also spent Tuesday and Thursday this week receiving treatment for it from the physical therapists.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-9-2008 00:24

They used gentle heat therapy, massaging, relaxation techniques, accupressure, and finally some mild cool packs to loosen my back, neck, and facial muscles, and help redistribute the blood circulation throughout my head.

It helped immensely, 'cause today, the migraine's practically gone. This was about the second serious migraine I've had since the stroke, and I feel light years' better today.

I've been given a series of exercises to do at home to help strengthen my left side, improve my balance and coordination, and generally increase my overall flexibility. I feel like I've improved little by little each week. ;-D

Again, thank you all for your support and encouragement!! I REALLLLLLYY appreciate it!! ;-D


P.S. -- Oops, missed one....SOPHIE!!! I hope you're feeling well these days! Thank you for your kind words and support!! You're wonderful!! ;-D ;-D

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Aug-9-2008 09:35

I have just logged in (after more than 2 months) to check your post Breitkat and i must admit that your last post gave me a great satisfaction.
Congratulations and keep smiling !
Be blessed!

Reese Withers
Reese Withers

Aug-12-2008 06:56

*big smiles to Breit* I'm so happy to hear that you are improving even more!! Congrats! God Bless you :)

Zeus,and the gang are doing very well! The triffids are as mischievious as ever ;) They are anxious for the day that Reese gets back into the office and starts hunting down the bad guys. Zeus is getting quite bored, I think. He paces back and forth on the front porch, while getting aggravated at Mistro , who sits on his back pretending he is a cowboy, and Zeus is his horse. never a dull moment around here, I tell you ;)

((( Real life has me so busy right now that I cant get on here as much as what Id like...but hopefully soon that will change..I miss Sleuthing )))

proffeser pisspot
proffeser pisspot

Aug-13-2008 17:22

I don't know you but I hope you get well soon.

Con Artist

Aug-16-2008 17:40

Hi Breit,

It's been ages since I was on here! I just wanted to say that you are in both my and Justin's thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear you're doing well. I have 4 chronic pain conditions, so I know it can get discouraging, but you WILL get through this. *hugs*


Pinball Amateur

Aug-20-2008 01:35

Hi again guys!!

VS! Nice to see you again!! Thanks so much for the post and the encouraging messages!! Glad to see you back. ;-)

Hiya Reese!! Glad to hear Zeus and the gang are doing well! Missy sure misses her buddy. Hurry back soon! ;-)

Hi Professor! Thanks for the good wishes! I'm doing really well these days, thank you!

AMBER!!!! and JR!!!!!!!!!! I've missed you two!! Where've you been?? (Don't answer that, this is a PG site. *wink* ;-) How's the wedding plans going? Hope you guys are doing great! You and I have talked about health in the past, so you know you have my support too. Keep hope, you have friends and support here. Hugs back!! ;-D

(I missed one from last time. OOPS!! I'm a doofus. ;-)
BRICK!!!! Nice to see you back!! Thank you so much for the good wishes!! Hope your new Agency is going well!

I keep saying this, but I really, really do appreciate all the good wishes and posts and messages people have been giving me. They've buoyed my spirits, and made me feel so good. THANK YOU!! ;-D

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