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AVH Hunt
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Diane Russell
Diane Russell

Mar-28-2008 16:45

Okay, I started my first AVH hunt yesterday. I've done 21 cases, and have gotten the same 3 clues over and over again.

There is something wrong with this...

Can I just quit and start another one? This is getting ridiculous.


Bella Sterling
Bella Sterling
Old Shoe

Mar-29-2008 12:19

LOL You're most welcome! Albeit, you would do better with a coat item that is high in Charming and/or Smart points, like the beautiful Evening Gown I'm wearing. ;)

In case you don't know, you can see all the AVH reward items at There you will find pictures and points of the rewards. Also you can check out Eye Spy's or Endeavor's web sites for equipment listing, but they at this time anyway have no pictures available. :)

Happy Hunting!

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