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Board/Card/Etc Games
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Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter

Mar-23-2008 16:55

What have you played most recently? How was it?

What's your favorite board/card/out of a box game of all time?

Is there a game you've heard of and would really really like to try?

Just a general discussion of old fashioned games....



Mar-31-2008 10:27

I always loved the game Careers. Still have it - it was my mom's and it's so old that the money amounts are ridiculously low. Kinda like my copy of Life - always loved that game, too, but they've changed it so much.

I also have another board game that was my mom's, called Jubilee. I've got the board and at least most of the pieces (they had it tucked away in the attic), but no rules and she doesn't remember how to play. So wish me luck with my research into that! Hey, if anyone knows of that game, please PM me?

Played most recently? There is a dice game that I learned from my husband's family. I'm sure it has a name, but I've never heard it; we call it Dice. As in, "Hey, let's play some Dice!" or "Wanna play Dice?" or "Your mother wants to play Dice, so why don't we go out to the movies?" (my mother-in-law is the luckiest roller I've ever seen!!!)

Of course, my favourite game (aside from Careers) has always been Clue.

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Mar-31-2008 11:56

My kudos (concerning card games) goes for Magick the Gathering

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