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Quotation Marks in Unlockable Questions

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-16-2008 15:08

The editor right now isn't able to handle any quotation marks in the Question Text of an Unlockable Question.

You actually should not ever need to include them, because quotes are automatically added to the beginning and end of that Question Text when it is shown to the player.

For instance, if the quote text is:
Why is the Sky Blue?

The link the player sees is actually:
Ask, "Why is the Sky Blue?"



Mar-16-2008 16:08

Your right, in the questions if you put quotations on it, when you save it, it will dissapear after. It got annyoing so don't do it.

Safety Officer

Mar-17-2008 15:17

thanks Ben.

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