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Diane Russell
Diane Russell

Mar-14-2008 13:08

Okay, something has been bothering me and I know it's sort of silly, but I wonder if anyone else noticed this.

It's the rating of equipment. For instance, I saw that someone (well, it's Breitkat, actually) has a White Parrot. And the description says the parrot is CLEVER. But its rating is:

Smart: -1
Charm: +7

That makes no sense!!! If the parrot is clever, then it should have some smart points!!! I also noticed that for some other items as well...

What gives???



Mar-15-2008 11:14

Well, if the bird is that clever, he/she should be able to poke around the crime scene and find evidence I might otherwise miss.

But my thought on the "clever" parrot was that it was "clever" enough to talk and maybe do a trick or two - something that entertains people and, well, charms them.

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