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Do they ever leave their house so it can be searched?

Isabella McTavish
Isabella McTavish

Mar-10-2008 16:33

I have two no alibi suspects and I can't search their house cause they're in it. I have a threatening note...and no samples...



Mar-10-2008 18:53

Any house you can lockpick is automatically (and randomly) set up when the case is created. That person (or those people) will only be "away from home" when you first go to visit them.

And if you're talking about SoM, then I suggest you check out the boards there for help, as Noir does not work the same way. :-)

Good luck!

David Adams
David Adams

Mar-10-2008 20:09

Noir does not do house searches like you do in SOM. As Ani said, there are up to two opportunities per case here to use a skill called lock-picking, when the suspect's not at home, and obtain information about the person's alibi or motive.

You might want to have a look around this Newbies Board if you need more info.

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