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She's finally come out of hiding!! ;-D

Pinball Amateur

Mar-9-2008 01:05

As I was tolling up our Agency's list of who had what favor to end the night tonight, I discovered we'd set a new record (at least for us ;-).

Normally, the Music Teacher is the bane of our existence, and when one of our detectives does happen upon her, we try and handcuff her to the wall 'til we need her for a hunt.

Here's a partial list of our current favors:

Breit - Music Teacher
Dave - Music Teacher
Ani - M. T.
Mira - M. T.
Reteif - M. T.
Brady - M. T.

Yep, you read it right. SIX times!!!!!

(Take that, Angela. ;-)


Old Shoe

Mar-9-2008 01:19

Not bad that'll be a good supply of MT for future hunts.

Safety Officer

Mar-9-2008 05:40

a more suspicious person might think that Muphy's Law kicks in now, whereby you never need the MT again!

Lucky Stiff

Mar-9-2008 07:37

of course you won't!! not for the next 8 TH's!!

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