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A round of applause please....

miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Mar-6-2008 21:16

for Dawg Pound Investigations as they scored the hat trick - 3 Treasure Hunts in the last 4 hours!



Safety Officer

Mar-6-2008 21:43

lol. WOOF! or well done in human parlance.

Sir Kenneth Vyvyan
Sir Kenneth Vyvyan

Mar-7-2008 14:12

way to go people. Job well done

Tireless Tiger

Mar-7-2008 18:35

Thanks, but really no big deal. One of them we had been chasing for days, the other two we just happened to be holding. Was nice to get our first hat trick though.

I credit it all to my co-director lilangel. It was right about when she returned from a mission that it all started to fall into place. She brouhgt the karma! :-D

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