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Subscriptions .............. Again :-)

Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Mar-6-2008 06:54

I have looked, I promise.

I was especially trying to find a post made recently by I think it was David Adams, who came up with different ways to pay, for people who dont have paypal or a credit card, in various countries.

If theres anyone from Russia or the Fillipines who can offer any advice here, or someone who is 'in the know', it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :-)


David Adams
David Adams

Mar-6-2008 14:19

Hi Mai. :-)

If this helps any, here's basically a repeat of my post:

Macedonia is one of many countries that is considered a 'borderline' country as far as security threats go. While these countries are not actively considered terrorist threats by the Super 8, the internal security of the governments and power structures is potentially unstable or rebuilding, and therefore a risk.

There are ways to deal with this. Most countries have banks that will issue what is known in the U.S. as a 'cashier's check'. Basically, instead of you writing a check, the money is being underwritten (and secured) by the bank. This also takes care of the problem of exchange rates. There are other means of getting money to the U.S. The best bet is to probably check with a bank you trust, or your local U.S. Consulate or Embassy near you.

As for postal systems, they can be problematic too. You can ask the bank you're at (while you're dealing with the check part) to send off your letter. Most banks will gladly include your letter in their mail as long as the postage has already been taken care of. If that won't work, you can send the payment as part of a bigger packet or package to a friend or trusted colleague OUTSIDE of your country, and ask them to forward your payment on. Again, it's a bit of a headache, but packages aren't always as easy to target as letters are.

My wife and I have lived in a number of countries where the banking and postal system are, shall we say, eccentric, at best, so I am sympathetic, Balthaak. But there are ways to get around the difficulties if you want to. Good luck, and I hope to see you continue to Sleuth!

Hope that helps a bit! :-)

Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Mar-6-2008 15:37

Ok thats great, I shall direct the two people here and ask them to write any questions they may have.

Hopefully this post will help them, or at least relate in some small way, to their particular subscription problems.

Thank you very much!!!!!

Alice Moore
Alice Moore

Mar-7-2008 06:51

Is it possible if i make a bank transfer to Sleuth admin, than he renew my subscription or to another player, than he makes me a gift subcription... the only thing i need to know is bank account properties, where i need to send money.
Am i right?


Mar-7-2008 12:48

You'd have to ask Sleuth Admin about the possibility of a bank transfer; none of use could answer that.

As far as a bank transfer/gift subscription with another player...there would have to be a very high level of trust on both sides.

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