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The Executioner's End
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-3-2008 08:34

Meine Damen und Herren,

Please help join me in a hearty round of applause for Herr Heimlich VonVictor, who's Scripted Mystery, The Executioner's End, is now debuting on the colourful streets of London to rave reviews.

Baron Rudolph Schmidt has died and his will has left someone very unhappy - or perhaps it's just the executor of estate they don't care for. Which is it? Better find out fast, because you might be next...

As Paranoid Android declared in his editor's notes: this mystery is an Opus. It's about 20% longer than Lucian Ty's Sealed Fate, the longest scripted mystery to date. It also contains several tricky uses of twists and questions, and will probably keep a few of you confounded for a while.

While you're standing, let's have another round for Paranoid Android and Anikka. Their stamina for mystery editing is astounding. Bravo!

Executioner's End is now a Featured Mystery in London. It is a Stupendously Hard mystery.


A. Carter
A. Carter

Apr-22-2008 13:29

Although, I've only played a few scripted mysteries, this has been far the best one. I was able to solve the crime on my 3rd try and was impressed with the barrel of details given to really confuse me. Keep more like these coming!

Sleuth About Town

May-29-2008 06:33

I solved all scripted mysteries (The Executor End; last one). Heimlich's scripted mystery is the best ! Two thumbs up for him.

I was able to slove this on my 1st try.... more patient until found 1 person without motive :)) Then, I send PM to Heimlich "why I can't find the motive" and let him now about my 2 suspected

Can't wait for reply, I take my chance... Case closed!


Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Aug-24-2008 13:45

Hey guys, thanks for all the positive feedback and compliments :) They mean a lot to me. I'd just like to let everyone know before playing this mystery that if you've never played a featured mystery before, there are a few things you should know:

Real Alibi does not automatically mean innocent
Fake Alibi + Physical Evidence does not automatically mean guilty
Fake Alibi + Witness Evidence does not automatically mean guilty

Story driven evidence, Witness Evidence, and an undeniable conclusion usually mean guilty.

That being said, please enjoy The Executor's End. I'm told if you listen closely you can hear the six months of my life that I spent on it whistling in the breeze ;)

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