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Feb-26-2008 15:57

I just got my first contact at 650 experience, does that mean I should not expect another for a very, very, very long time? 100,000 exp?



Feb-26-2008 16:56

It's random, Packer. Some people find them rather quickly, even within a few hundred xp. Most of the detectives I've grown have found them within a few thousand. I have had friends that have had to wait a long long long time. The good news is that if you do have to wait, the chances of finding that second contact increases after 150,000xp.

If you are after a specific contact, instead of just letting the computer have its way, it tends to prolong the process.

Since you've gotten your nonPE contact already, your next one will be one of the good 'uns, the banker, tailor, shoemaker, or barber.

Good Luck!

Hawkeye Harris
Hawkeye Harris
Battered Shoe

Feb-26-2008 22:46

Right, as cfm said it is VERY random. I responded to a newbie post recently where the detective had actually gotten both NY contacts before he reached 5,000 XP - so it may happen sooner rather than later. But however you slice it, you are amassing XP which will translate into skills, so nothing is wasted :)

Mai Capome
Mai Capome
Old Shoe

Feb-27-2008 00:19

So did I, gained the NY and the Shanghai ones too, but London proved to be very very tricky and I feel that one will make me wait forever.

So yep, contacts if and when they want, not when you feel you done enough to convince them. Theyll just make you sweat abit more :-)

Diane Russell
Diane Russell

Feb-27-2008 21:06

It's really weird... It took me forever to get a PE contact in London, and finally I got the tailor. Then I went to NY and it took a long time to get another PE contact - the tailor again.

Then I went to Shanghai and got the silk merchant on the first favor!

Is there some kind of conspiracy with thread here??? I hate sewing, by the way... ;)

Lucky Stiff

Feb-28-2008 03:36

diane, that happened to me too... 3 thread contacts, but then my run was broken in london. and there i was thinking why i had chosen the advanced thread analysis as my very first advanced smarts skill!!

Safety Officer

Feb-28-2008 04:20

I think maybe it's good to be patient and picky, and not just jump at the first favour you get. I passed up heaps of favours, until I got the ones I wanted for specific townsfolk. You only have to visit Greylings bio page to see how long she waited for the Stage Manager...

Some agencies might actually 'want' you to get a specific contact. Especially if the Agency has 4 Bankers in New York and no Tailor.

After my first city when I learnt what was going on a bit I realised it was to my advantage (albeit a minor one) to have contacts of the same sex as my (charming) detective. Especially PE contacts. As they were harder to question than opposite sex townsfolk, who I could make the most of my Flirting skill on.

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