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Contest: Beatle Sleuths
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Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Feb-17-2008 05:17

Do you ever make up your own words to songs? How about while you’re Sleuthing? Now’s your chance to show off your song writing talent. The rules:

All songs must be a parody of a Beatle song. They must also be in keeping with our Noir theme. The original title must be at the top so judges will know which tune to “sing by.” You can have your own title too just put the original in “( )”

The contest ends at the last server moment of the leap day, February 29. So March is too late.
Judges will be Anikka, Lady Jas, and myself.

Prizes are : 1st place - an AVH reward plus 100K sleuth dollars
2nd place- Choice of an AVH reward or 100k sleuth dollars.

Entry Example:

Help, you know I need somebody,
Help, I just saw a body,
Help, you know I need a Sleuth,

When I was going out, only yesterday,
I nearly fell over a body propped up in my way,
There was blood spilt all over the floor,
I screamed and ran back, slamming shut my door.

Help me if you can I feel afraid,
And I don't want to go to my grave,
Help, I think I may be next,
Wont you please, please help me?


Brady Quinn
Brady Quinn
Big Winner

Mar-5-2008 07:27

You are clearlyt in the wrong here VS, based on wanting to award 2nd place to this detective, wouldn't that question whether or not Anikka was influenced since she is my teammate in Wish On a Star? The fact is, the judges have spoken and I think we all respect the opinion, it wasn't like Phoenix put in a hack entry, it was an excellent entry and deserved to win. Actually most of the entries put in deserved to win, but unfortunately everyone can't win.

Perhaps you can come up with a contest of your own and make the rules for that contest. This one is no different than any other contest that has been won in the past and there is no reason to change them now. If it's not broke, don't fix it.

Sleuth About Town

Mar-5-2008 09:07

Sometimes strange or unexpected statements that is felt like insulting by the reciever tells more about the thoughts and thinking of the sender.

Would it be that someone think they know others by the way they know themselves?

VS seem to think that a judge can be influenced in a concious or a subconcious level. Would that be a way of confessing that if he were a judge he know he would be in the danger of being influenced?

Sophie seems to be amazed about the thought of having been influenced. Would that be a way of confessing that she did not even consider influence from her relations to the contestants when judging?


Mar-5-2008 13:34

Well Thanks VS for the vote of confidence in me but I did not step aside because Sophie was holding the contest, I did it as I was donating a prize so it would have been daft to try and win it back :-)

It's Sophie's first time judge and the other judges and done it many many many times before VS so if any could be swayed it would be unlikely to be anyone other than Sophie.

There is no need to for contests to exclude agency members of all 3 judges, that would have rulled out 3 agency's and a lot of potental enteries.

Lighten up VS, it was a super fun contest and should be treated as such, fun.

Pinball Amateur

Mar-5-2008 14:13

Congratulations to ALL the entrants, including Cordelia and Phoenix. You've all done something that is light-years beyond my ability--1. writing a poem in the first place (I am, after all "The World's Worst Poet Ever", and wear the Crown quite happily ;-), and 2. taking that poem and setting it to music and refining it to fit that music. That takes an incredible amount of talent and creativity, and all of you deserve to be extremely proud of your efforts. Wonderful job, EVERYONE!! ;-D


Mar-5-2008 14:38

Oh yes, sorry I had to dash off quick and missed out on saying once again a huge well done to all who entered, a great lot of enteries and an extra special well done to the 2 very well deserved winners.

Safety Officer

Mar-5-2008 14:48


"Now play nice and don't bang on about it and scare off the newbies from future competitions."

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Mar-5-2008 15:21

First off let me say that as a judge its our job to judge fairly and equally. As judges all 3 of us have done that. I have judged before when someone from my agency has entered, and they did not win the grand prize, but had they won, they would have won fair and square.

The judging was all done individually and in private, and when tallied up, we had our two winners. CONGRATULATIONS to BOTH winners, and to all the other entrants who did a great job too.

The judging is done, and the winners are final.

Again, great job everyone, looking forward to judging another one :D

Pinball Amateur

Mar-5-2008 15:29

Decaf, people. Enough already about judging. If you want to discuss something about that, the place is on another thread, not here.

All of the participants did a great job with their entries, and they deserve to be congratulated, regardless of their overall placement. Let's not rain on their parade, please.

So again, Wonderful Job to Everyone! YYYYYAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Mar-5-2008 16:31

*takes her hat off to SS, not for the first time, and is very glad she didn't have to sing it*

Tireless Tiger

Mar-5-2008 18:08

Don't worry Cordelia, I'll do the singing in reply to Breits post!

"Singin in the rain, just singin in the rain"

OK, there was one requests that the judges missed out on at Stoobies request so please allow me:

well done Stooby! ;-)

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