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Which faction?
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Nov-7-2004 16:49

Perhaps this is a question best answered by the directors of agencies, perhaps not. Which faction would be best to "get in good" with for the game? Does your character dictate with which faction you CAN raise your status? (ie. smart=Socrates charming=DAB tough La Cosa Nostra)

I realize that it would be impossible to to raise ones status dramatically for more than one faction. From reading a few bios it appears the most common seems to be the DAB. Is this because the computer automatically favors this faction or is this by choice? Which faction do the agencies need?

I had seen a similar question posted a few days ago, but the answers seemed to lean more toward HOW to raise ones status. I am really looking to make an informed decision on which faction to choose, if I have that choice at all.

Thank you all for your help.



Nov-8-2004 09:18

guys...ben already announced what the benefit was when the feature started - can't remember which board, but its not a secret. Anyone interested, should just go back through the message boards - the added benefit only appeared within the last month, I think.

Also, an addition to the very good info already offered, I'd add - if you are not in an agency DON'T get safecracking (La Cosa Nostra's special skill) since it only works on treasure hunts. So LCN would probably be my last choice for affiliation if I were not in an agency.

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