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Northern Illinois Shooting
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Maria South
Maria South

Feb-14-2008 18:32

By now, I'm sure at least some of you will have heard of this evening's Northern Illinios University shooting. For anyone that doesn't know and is interested:

It happened around 3.05 in the afternoon. A white male walked into a lecture hall with a hand gun and two pistols. The shooting was over in seconds, leaving 18 injured, and five dead, including the shooter. None of the students have been identifyed yet, but the shooter is said to be a student from another school.

Four of the 18 wounded are in critical condition, eight of them stable, and six in good condition. By 4.00pm, the area was announced secure.

The lecture hall was in Cole Hall. I dunno where that is, but I could probably recognize it if I saw it.


I live littereally, right next to campus. I can walk there in under a minute. My school is also right near campus. This is just.........crazy. Sad, terrible, horrid, and crazy.....

Discussions, anyone?


Ashley Rimmer
Ashley Rimmer

Apr-5-2008 13:16

But shooters could be girls too.

NO MORE DEATHS!!!!!!!!! Please...

Maria South
Maria South

Apr-5-2008 13:17

Yes no more death. That would be a good thing.

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