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Suggestion(s) for Sleuth improvement
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Old Shoe

Jan-25-2008 11:08

In order to try to make a contribution to the improvement of Sleuth Noir, I have decided to give away 5 "prices" of 1 month gift subscription to 5 different sleuths that already have or during the next period will come with the best suggestion(s) to improve Sleuth Noir on one or more following areas:
* Doing something to improve the game-speed
* Getting more people to subscribe to Sleuth Noir
* Making Sleuth Noir more fun to play
* Something else the judges approve of

So, it's time to open that creative vein of yours, and come with suggestions and post them on this board. It's no part in the judging whether the suggestion will be implemented into Sleuth Noir or not, as this is for Sleuth Admin to decide. In my eyes, it doesn't even have to be your idea originally.

Even though I haven't asked them, I had hoped that a jury of
Jojo, Stooby, Roamie, Secret Squirrel and Lady Jas would voulenteer to search out the most worthy. I would be happy if you made a reply to this posting saying whether you accept or not. Please decide among those of you accepting the task how you would like to organize. You all seem to be active on the boards, and I do trust that you will be fair. You are also free to "adjust" the important topics, but I have put down my suggestions, and what I would like to encourage. Also, decide for how long the "competition" will last. Preferably less than a month.

I myself don't have the capacity to search out and find the good recievers of a gift subscription, that's the reason why I humbly ask those mentioned to join forces and help me with the task. I would guess (but may be wrong) that the "recivers" are less than 100 days old, as the older might already have long lasting subscriptions, and one additional month would be as a drop in the sea. Also, I think that the jury themself cannot be among the "recivers".

I hope that when the jury have made their decicion, they will post it here and send me a PM with the name of the selected winners



Sep-16-2008 15:54

That's a thought Brasco, but it should be optional to join in that conflict. I intensly dislike PvP, always have, and don't think it should be forced on people.

Perhaps there could be sabotage missions, or things like that, between the two factions. Other things, too, that's just the first thing I thought of. But detectives taking the side of their chosen faction in a war makes more sense than people playing a criminal in a game wherein people are meant to play a detective.

Since I have nothing else to add at the moment, I guess I'll just go plod on my merry way.

Tireless Tiger

Sep-16-2008 19:04

I like the idea of the Steepers vs Tigers thing coming into play, but it doesn't have to be jsut the two of them, could be between some of the other factions as well. Just like in a case where you go postive with LCN but lose with OOS. I'm not sure how it can work but perhaps if you build up enough with one of them, on the VH only, say get up to +5 without doing the little job or something, you can go to them to get an extra clue, whether or not that clue is a repeat is completely random

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