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CONTEST: There Once Was a Gumshoe in Sleuth...
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Dec-10-2007 00:33

Yeah, the limerick sure is an art form. Is it YOUR art form? Show us!

Yes, it's the Sleuth Limerick contest. Let's get all the icky rule stuff out of the way.

* Limerick should be about Sleuth Noir OR a murder mystery OR about a detective or crime.

* You can put in as many entries as you like :)

* Entries must follow standard limerick rhythm and rhyming patterns (see example below)

* Limericks are usually, historically speaking, vulgar. Let's not go that route in this contest, thanks.

* Spelling counts, etc. As always.

* Entries must be posted by 11:59 PM server time on December 31, 2007

There are prizes to be had!! Happy, happy prizes, all waiting for YOU, yes, YOU! to win them.

* Subscribed winner(s) will receive Sleuthcash. Yay, sleuthcash! Who wants to be a millionaire? YOU DO! (okay, just for the record, I'm not giving away a million dollars in Sleuthcash - more like $100,000)
* Unsubscribed winner(s) will receive a one month gift subscription and $50,000 Sleuthcash. WOOT!


This example was written by that famous author, Anonymous. Okay, fine, I wrote it. :-P

There once was a tough but smart chump
Whose client was charmingly plump,
He tracked down the killer -
T'was Thomas, the miller!
Thus breaking his false accuse slump.

If you need more information about the rhythm, try this (ripped right from Wikipedia): "There WAS a young MAN from the COAST;" "There ONCE was a GIRL from DeTROIT..."

Basically, syllable-wise, 8,8,6,6,8 with a rhyme scheme of A,A,B,B,A



Dec-24-2007 13:32

ROFL!! You guys are bonkers.

We've got some really great entries, keep 'em coming, people!!

But, oh yeah, if you want to take a break while you celebrate your holiday, well, I guess that's cool. :-P *watches the presents wrap themselves*


Dec-24-2007 17:01

The gown had nothing to do with whiskey as I don't drink it, I drink Budweiser, allow me to explain:

Things in The Dawg Pound were slow
ctown needed to make some extra dough
While looking for work
He found one with a perk,
The lead in the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!


Sleuth About Town

Dec-25-2007 13:00


There's a billboard on I-95 heading into North Carolina. A whole bunch of folks saw it. :-D


Dec-26-2007 12:00

Okay, here's one for the holidays

"Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas
She's my client and the mistress
His body was found
All tied up and bound
With his head upon the footrest"


Dec-27-2007 23:06

the top sleuth was just found dead
with two bullets to his head
I'm now number one
what's done is done
t'was as easy as buttering bread

Pinball Amateur

Dec-30-2007 23:24

Lookin' great, guys!!

There's not much time left, so get your entries in while you can!!

Good luck, everyone!! ;-D

Battered Shoe

Dec-31-2007 19:13

There once was a gumshoe in Sleuth
Who'd been hitting a bottle of vermouth
He hadn't been sober
Since early October
And was found passed out in a booth.

Battered Shoe

Dec-31-2007 19:19

There once was a sleuth who was Squirrelly
But was known to be handsome and burly
He captured Philbert von Wrath
Whilst he was taking a bath
And the Arch Villain began to act very surly

Battered Shoe

Dec-31-2007 19:34

There once was a director named Jas
(Who was known to possess a lot pizazz)
When working a case
(Which she did with great haste)
She was well known to listen to jazz.


Dec-31-2007 19:43

There once was a chick named Sunniva
Whose fisticuffs were known all the way to Geneva
While beating a bad villain down
She said with a frown
This sissy cries more than a diva!

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