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Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Nov-23-2007 00:03

Attention all Sleuthers!

We all know how you wear pink ribbons for breast cancer research? Well, lesser known is wearing a blue ribbon on December 1st. This represents support against child abuse.

Please particpate! I will, as soon as I find a blue ribbon.

P.S. I know this has nothing to do with Sleuth, but this is probably the biggest board. :-)

Thank you! :-)


Old Shoe

Nov-23-2007 00:16

*beats this posts arse like it was my red-headed stepson over to the Gumshoe Lounge with a length of blue ribbon*

Git! And when you get git, you stay got.

Thanks for the heads-up, Kevin G.

Charlotte Montgomery
Charlotte Montgomery

Nov-23-2007 21:29

Sure I will do it....just where to find a blue ribbon

I guess I have to win a county fair :D

I'm only kidding....seriously, I will wear it. Enough is enough for abusing children and we can show we care by wearing a blue ribbon. if I could do more, I would.

Tireless Tiger

Nov-24-2007 08:52

Thanks for bringing this up Kevin. I will certainly show my support. I know I can find a blue ribbon somewhere in this house, if not I'll go buy one.

I had no idea of this. will spread the word as it is something that people should be aware of!

Pinball Amateur

Nov-29-2007 16:24

I found this a couple days ago. It seemed appropriate for this thread. ;-)

The Eleventh Commandment

Honor the Lord thy God
One commandment of ten, yet
None concern the forgotten ones, the ones unheard
Of all God’s children, these are the ones that are never
Remembered until it is way too late

The next one, many consider the most sacred of all
Honor thy mother and thy father
Yet we forget the reasons for their calling

Certainly, we may consider the last commandment
Honor thy neighbor as thyself
In many minds, this is easy to follow, simply leave well enough alone
Lest we see the beaten, the dehumanized, the violated, the dead
Did God overlook what ought have been written?
Resting in his arms, can His littlest angels
Ever find peace or solace from the pain they have endured?
Never forget those who cannot protect or defend themselves.

Honor thy children.

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