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The mystery of whether detectives do anything but solve mysteries...
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Rigo J. Mortis
Rigo J. Mortis

Oct-26-2007 11:15

I walked into the local pub. I was excited. For once, I had finished all my work for the day before dinner. It was such a relief, I was ready to celebrate. I approached the bar, set my beret on the counter and placed almost a quarter of the days' earnings beside it.

"How much scotch can I get for this, Joe?" I pointed at the money on the counter.

"Don't worry buddy. It'll be enough to keep you busy for a while." The bartender and I were on a first name basis because I spent so much time asking him questions, but sometimes I felt like he forgot mine. Just how many crime-ridden detectives could he be dealing with at once, anyway? He took the money and brought me a fifth and a glass. "Take your time though, eh?"

I looked around at the busy pub. There were quite a few interesting looking people about.



Mar-4-2008 17:20

There are times when I think I've seen worse, but not this time. I felt bad for Apolla, yet I couldn't leave for my duty stuck me to the hospital. I walked over to Kevin and secretly regreted my steps.
"It's to bad what happened to Apolla."

"I feel sorry for those sick men." I rolled my eyes.

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