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Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Oct-26-2007 05:34

I decided to make a role playing thread of one of the mysteries I'm writing! I cut and paste the basic plot, and you take it from there! I will have to change it a little, to make it compatible for multiple sleuths at once, but, here goes!

Thwap! "Ha ha! Bullseye! Beat that!" My 12-year old cousin yelled. We were in my office, playing darts. "Good shot! Okay, here goes nothing!" I exclaimed. I aimed my little blue pointed object at the colored board, and... Thwap! "Oh my gosh!" Mary yelled, "You knocked my dart out, and took it's bullseye!" Not even I knew I could do that!

I ended up winning the game, with a whopping score of 870 to 132! We were having lots of fun, even though Mary lost. But we had to cut our fun short when an elderly woman entered. She was short, and her hair was very white. Her pointed glasses kept falling off her minuscule nose, as she slowly closed the door.

"Detective?" She asked me. "Yes, ma'am." I replied. I then whispered to Mary to go play with my secretary. She complained a bit, but then left my tiny office. She was staying with me while I was off work, but then I got an "urgent" call, that I had to be at the office that day. Turned out it was it was finished by the time I got there, but when Mary saw the dartboard, she just HAD to play.

Anyway, I just got off course. The woman said that she was Ruth Jenkins, and that she had seen a terrible thing, and then started to cry. I knew nothing about what I should do, so I just tried to comfort her. "What did you see, ma'am?" I asked her, "You can tell me." "That's why I came here!" She snapped, "Oh, I'm sorry. I've been going crazy lately, ever since it happened." She sobbed on "it".

"Since what happened?"




Oh, great! I thought. A vicious cycle.

She sobbed as she clarified "it". "I saw a police officer... KILLED!!!"

"Lt. Hartford?" I asked, hearing of our latest casualty on the police force, Lt. James Hartford, killed 2 days ago.


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Oct-26-2007 05:44

Later that day, Mary caught up with me again, waving a newspaper around in her hand.

"Kevin! Kevin! You've made the paper again!"

I stopped and turned around. She read it to me out loud.

"It is believed by police, that detective Kevin Greene and several other detectives have been notified and are working on the case." Read Mary, "Captain Hammond Egger tells reporters, 'This is gonna be quite a race between detectives! The New York City police department has issued a $3000 dollar reward, which is to go to the detective that solves the crime! Several of our fellow law officers partner's have told police they have gathered together some great detectives, and I, personally, can't wait to find out what happens!'"

"Ah haaaa! So I have competitor's ehhh? I slyly said, "Well, we'll see how the others can stand up to us, the dynamic duo!" As I hugged Mary. She was ecstatic at the thought of coming along for the ride, and I knew that this would be a good challenge for the other detectives! :-)


Nov-2-2007 13:49

" Do you really think so Darling?" I said from the allyway. "After all with more detectives come clues theories and other misguided solutions."

I walked out in to the sun opening my parasol to shield my skin from the sun light and used my other hand to hold my most recent cigarette.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Nov-17-2007 18:27

"Oh, hello Apolla! This is my cousin, Mary!" I said to my chum.

She is gorgeous! And, she even replied to a thread I'd completely forgotten about!

"Hello, darling!" She said with a smile, "How old are you?"

Mary seemed not to hear the question. She was staring, wide-eyed at the celebrity.

"Oh my gosh!" she finally said, "It's Apolla! My goodness! I know so much about you!" And Mary went on talking with her lifelong idol, who seemed to be enjoying it just as much. Ater a while, Apolla gave Mary an autographed photo of her.

"Wow! I didn't know I had young fans, too!" Apolla exclaimed. "It was so nice meeting you, Mary! We really must chat again! Bye Kevin!"

"Bye, Apolla!" I yelled back. Mary was screeching at the thought of meeting a celebrity like Apolla.

Then, we were off to see the Crime Scene!

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

May-25-2008 11:20

Το ' κα το Ω


Jul-18-2008 16:45

At the Crime Scene,Mary and I searched for some useful clues. At first,we found a kind of scribbled note,which said : ''You shouldn't have made the deal James. Now you must pay the consequences!'' ''Well,that's a real threathening note. I haven't seen such one for years''. ''Wait'',I said,''Wait a sec! This looks just like an old case of mine,the Butcher case''. ''Lets go to the City Hall Mary and dug some info over this special case!''

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