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Playing with lots of tabs open in the browser...
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Roberta Rose
Roberta Rose

Oct-17-2007 09:42

Okay I use FIrefox.
I play with 4 to 6 tabs open in a case:
Research, Case FIle, and two to three tabs of Maps.
I play back and forth, checking alibis, physical evidence, research and total number of suspects found.

Every once in a very great while the following happens:
My suspect dies while I"m waiting for them to answer me.
It's weird. Like my suspect pitches over and dies in the middle of an interview.

What is going on here?


Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Oct-17-2007 12:15

If you open any other sleuth tabs or talk to any other suspects while you are talking to them, I believe that counts as leaving them and when you interrogate them that counts as coming back to them.

Therefore a suspect jeeling over while you're talking to them.

That's my theory anyway. I try to do one person at a time though, but otherwise I kinda tab like you and this has happened to me. I asked for motive, checked the research and then checked alibi, boom dead person. Very frustrating. Nowadays, I check research before I visit ANYONE!

Safety Officer

Oct-17-2007 19:13

erm I used tabs, but for map, assorted agency tabs, townie tabs are ok too, research is ok, message board, but not suspects for the very reason stated above (kinda). The 'mysterious dying suspect' happens occasionally without you really clicking and triggering. So will 'goes into hiding' too.

Multiple tabs are great, but not for suspects. I use the map tab and shift (pc control) click a new tab for the suspect off the list, then close it when I'm finished, bringing me back to the map screen where I started.

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