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False accusation confusion
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Zoriah Bastin
Zoriah Bastin

Oct-9-2007 23:23

I just had a strange case where I had a F/A with 8 witnesses on Incredibly hard favor. I'd narrowed it down to two possible suspects, and was certain who the killer was.

Now, considering the formula is that there is always two witnesses with evidence, I thought I'd caught my killer. I was wrong. The guy whom I'd ruled out by deduction was guilty.

I questioned the 8 witnesses and got this result:

6 not guilties, plus the suspect himself makes 7, and one clam. Now surely that meant that with no two accusations against this guy I was free and clear.

Spencer - aruna ng
Aruna - spencer ng
Violet - spencer ng, aruna clam
Lian -spencer ng, aruna ng
Marcel-spencer ng , aruna ng
Prudence-spencer ng, aruna ng
Landry-spencer ng, aruna clam
Radcliffe-spencer clam, aruna clam

How is it possible that he is guilty? I take meticulous notes, and when there are two suspects, always focus on one suspect first to help me deduce who is guilty.

What did I do wrong, or am I missing here?


Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Oct-10-2007 09:09

Yeah, that would work for most.

As for me, I use Pigeots automatic sleuth helper because it keeps the information accurate.

Without it I tend to assemble the wrong information. I've got a touch of dyslexia and I sometimes read man when it really says woman. Also some of my S's sometimes looks like C's which messes up my curly and straight hairs.

I almost always stop to double check who I'm accusing though because the small white letter on red background are so hard to read!

Zoriah Bastin
Zoriah Bastin

Oct-10-2007 15:55

I would agree it's more challenging without the sleuth helpers, but I found manual note taking not so fun, so for me the Dr Watson one works because I still have to be careful to enter the data correctly, and it helps me to see patterns visually. Just the way my mind works. ;)

One thing I love is the fact that you can always go back check the case page and make sure you have all the evidence/details straight so that you don't waste a click on a witness.

Sleuth About Town

Oct-11-2007 08:26

Another thing is the fact that it's possible to have 9 suspects on an IH case/favor.

Just putting in my 2 cents in.

Zoriah Bastin
Zoriah Bastin

Oct-12-2007 05:16

True, which is why I always pay the fortune teller to make sure I have all the suspects.

In this instance it was a matter of me having two final suspects and eliminating the person who should have been guilty, since only one WE was possible against him when there should always be two WE's per case for the guilty person.

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