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Subscribing a 2nd detective: Coupons?
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Zoriah Bastin
Zoriah Bastin

Oct-6-2007 16:59

This game rocks, and is very addictive. Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere but I did do a search of the message database and FAQ's and don't think I found my answer so...

Do these sidekick discount coupons work for those of us who are thinking about subscribing a second detective, in addition to their current one? I have a subbed tough/smart gal, and have a few unsubbed detectives to play around with that are more charm/smart based. I am seriously thinking about subbing one of them to get more cases.

I'm curious though as to whether I can use one of my coupons to help with the additional cost of the new subbed detective, or if I can use a coupon sent to me from a fellow agency detective? It wasn't clear to me what is meant by 'first subscription only' since obviously we all need to keep renewing our subscriptions and I presumed that the coupons are not usable for that function. Does subbing a new detective while still playing your current one still count as a 'first subscription' for that character?

Am I sorry out of luck?


Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Oct-9-2007 03:28

Well, the other option is technical error from the site.

I was there as she got the email with the code and when she put it in.
The fact is that my code didn't work. The computers were different, the emails were different, the character were made 2 years apart.... I could go on.

I even sent a second code that didn't work.

The only thing we share is an IP adress and the fact that both use pigeots sleuth helper. I would be very surprised if the sleuth helper had anything to do with it.
Technichally I don't think we even share that IP, but I have noticed that some sites think anything on this router is the same computer...

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