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research - what happens


Oct-4-2007 15:06

While writing a mystery you can choose to have a research entry to be unlocked. After the crimescene is unlocked i have one towny that says that research needs to be done. However another towny on another piece of PE also tells the player to do some research.

What will happen if the player will interview the townies first and do the research later? will both research entries show up? or will one of them not show??

Please advice..


Safety Officer

Oct-4-2007 16:52

S'too early to be answering a technical question...

We are talking about the Research Skill right, the one where you go to City Hall...

So ... if you have two Research points allocated simultaneously - lets say A & B, ie B can be unlocked by visiting a townie, after you unlock A but before you go and look at A, I'm pretty sure, you wont be able to go back and look at A once you have unlocked B. B will supersede A at City Hall. There isn't a queue.

This can be good and bad.

If A is integral to your storyline and is a cause to open other effects, then that's not good.

If you like the idea of people having a choice eg go do Research A or continue on and look at B, and maybe failing a case based on that choice then it's not so bad and can be a good plot device.

Doomsayers 1? does this in some fashion.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Oct-5-2007 11:30

Also, preview your mystery.

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