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Oct-1-2007 22:14

"But Anikka," you say, "didn't you just do a contest?"

Yeah, yeah I did. :-) Almost like Christmas, isn't it.

So, the idea here is to write an Epic Ode to Sleuth. Maybe not as epic as some other epic odes, but kinda on the epic side. So, why is it starting so early and running for so long? Because it's not so easy to write an epic ode, that's why. There's a ton of tweaking. Maybe. And just in case there is, you've got plenty of time to work it.


Your ode must consist of 8-12 four-line stanzas (32-48 lines) and be about a Sleuth-related subject.

Spelling counts. (When doesn't it? Never!)

Your poem must flow. Read it out loud to yourself, you will know if it doesn't seem right. There is no set rhythm, so make your own.

You must follow the following rhyming pattern: AABA, BBCB, CCDC, etc. The last stanza must have the A rhyme in the third line.

Please, no more than ONE entry per person. Make sure you're happy with what you have before committing it to the thread.

Entries must be posted no later than 11:59 PM server time on October 25, 2007.


Lilangel will be posting an example so that you can see what the rhyming pattern looks like. Please keep in mind that you are not required to write with a Noir voice, or in any vernacular.


Yes, I'm actually announcing the prize this time. There is one prize:

A two-room apartment and $100,000 to go toward furniture. ($300,000)

In the event of a two-way tie, each winner will get a one-room apartment and $70,000 to go toward furniture. ($150,000 per person)

Prizes are compliments of Lilangel, Stooby, and Anikka.

Get those pencils and typing fingers revved and ready! And...... GO!


Anthony Ciarlante, P.I.
Anthony Ciarlante, P.I.

Oct-1-2007 22:17

Sorry, Annikka. I have no clue ho w to do this, or I would.

Pinball Amateur

Oct-2-2007 00:04

Basically, an ode is a REALLY long poem that rhymes on certain lines. So dig out the ol' English Lit book, look up a few examples, and go for it! ;-D


Oct-2-2007 08:34

Lilangel has an example that she will be posting. Hopefully, this will help anyone who may be unsure.


Oct-2-2007 16:51

This looks like a fun one, this time I won't wait so long t get started. I even found this as an example of the rhyme schemes Anikka was talking about. It may clear up some confusion:

It uses a basic rhyme scheme of aaba bbcb ccdc dddd

Sleuth About Town

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Sleuth About Town

Oct-2-2007 19:16

here's an example:

Come, join me in dis here booth,
Have a shot of dry Vermouth,
Whilst youse hear of how it began,
Now I’m tellin’ ya da truth.

Benny Boy, a marvelous man,
Thought up a wond’rous plan,
Ta make a game on dis here site,
And made many a fan.

Sunny helped Ben wit much delight,
An’ dem twos worked both day an’ night.
Deys be wantin’ many players ta come,
So’s dey made da game just right.

Da internet begins ta hum,
Peoples find dis game awesome!
All dere days an’ nights dey play,
Whilst Benny Boy sits on his bum.

So many came, but would dey stay?
Dey soon found out wit no delay,
Whilst some, deys played fer free,
Udders was willin’ ta pay!

Sometimes dese players disagree
‘bout which of dem is da best city;
But, deys here ta have fun,
Come over here you’ll see.

Dey races to get dey cases done
An’ sees what treasures dey won.
Arch Villain here, he is bad -"
Dey find him dere wit a gun.

Dat dirty, stinkin’, rotten cad -"
Ta sees ya dead will make him glad.
Wit ya shot in da head,
Youse agents will be very sad.

What’d dey do wit ya lyin’ dead?
Ya knows dat villain fled.
Dat crazy little stinkin’ runt
Pumped ya body full o’ lead.

I tell you, he pulled a big stunt.
Of all da pains, youse gets da brunt!
Hows do youse erase?
Is dis da end o’ youse villain hunt?

Udders, dey can’t finish youse chase;
Youse needs ta get youse a new case.
Dis here’s an Ode to a great game, Sleuth,
An’ hows we likes ta spend our days.

Dedicated to Sunny and Ben

Ima Vagabond
Ima Vagabond

Oct-2-2007 19:55

YAY! That was great! And you used the word "udders" twice. Very nice example. :)

Safety Officer

Oct-3-2007 00:29

good example lil'. :)

Sleuth About Town

Oct-3-2007 08:06

doh... that example was supposed to read:

Ode to Sleuth
dedicated to Sunny and Ben

then the poem...

oops... sorry about that... and i chose to dedicate it, it is also your choice to do what you will.

Sleuth About Town

Oct-6-2007 13:00

Very nicely done, lilangel!!

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