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Favors aren't happening!
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Oct-1-2007 09:38

After solving 3 cases i didn't get a favor. I had to solve a fourth case to get it. This has happened a few times.

Now it has also happened to a couple of detectives in my agency.

Does anyone know why?


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-3-2007 03:09

While I don't think it is a big deal to check after every case, you do NOT need too.
There is always a good reason when you don't get a favor when you think you're supposed too in my experience. :)*

Here is what Ben said in a PM when I talked to him:

"You should always get a favor after 4 successful solves. The two things that tend to confuse people are:

1) The previous favor can count towards the 4 win count.

2) If you are holding a favor when you travel, you lose it. " - Sleuth Admin.

There are factors which upset (such as not checking to see if you have a favour before travel) this equation.

Whenever you play a case, there is basically a case counter that is checking to see if you're to get a favour or not.

So, in a perfect world you do Favour (Sorry about the ''u's") Case Case Case Favour.
If you quit a case/favor then you do an extra one or two.

So what Gena and Stooby is saying is absolutely correct.

NOW: The Case Counter will take up to two extra cases into credit!
THEN it resets.

It's this reset that is causing the confusion I think.

So if you went on an AVH, the Case Counter is still counting even though you cannot do favors.
It's counting Case Case Case. Hmm person should so favour now. Case Case (Ok, I'll hold those in credit for the person's NEXT favour). Case CRAP! I've lost count, so that's one case. Case Case. Person should do favour now. Case Case Case UGH! CRAP! DO YOUR FAVORS!! I CAN'T HANDLE THIS! I HAVE NO FINGERS YOU KNOW!

I have NEVER seen a time when a person has gained or lost a favour when they've been keeping track and doing their cases when they come up or doing a favor after after one or two extra cases.

People lose favours because the Case Counter cannot hold more information than the favour you should be doing and two cases that it will credit to your next favour.

Like Breit said, there is more about this in Sleuth Talk in this post:

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-3-2007 03:13

If you have any furthur questions, don't hesitate to PM.
And like Breit said, there could well be some random and weird glitch that occasionally results in this not working. So, if it's a countinous thing and you can discount Travel/Quits/False Accusations/Doing extra cases when you should be doing a favour and Arch Villain Hunts being the problem, maybe you should do a bug report thingee :)

Safety Officer

Oct-3-2007 05:49

"If you have any furthur questions, don't hesitate to PM."

Please read this as, "LED will count your cases for you." It's really what she meant.

Simply PM her every time you finish a case and say FINISHED 1.

She'll then PM you back with a 'not yet' or 'NOW' as to when you can try for a favour.

Really! Try it!


Oct-3-2007 08:55

Wow!! Thank you all.

I don't really remember the exact circumstances of each time, but I do remember the last time it happened.

I had just solved a favor and had 3 cases left for the day. I solved all 3 and should have gotten a favor, but it didnt happen.

Anyhooter, I'll pm LED about it. Thanks again!

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-3-2007 10:10

NO!! Don't PM me! I'll just babble on and never stop!!

Uh, the thing I should have said, if the count is out of sync for some reason, you may not notice until the NEXT favour... so you do a favour, think after 3 cases you'll have a favour but no!
And then you think the rule isn't true. But it is. It really is. It is true. Uhhuh.

(Somebody stop me!)

Pinball Amateur

Oct-3-2007 15:08

ROFL. Okay, Leddie, Stop. There ya go. ;-)

Everybody take a good look at that contraption sitting before you. From now on, I guarantee this marvelous piece of brilliant human engineering that people call a computer, and all the programs and pieces in it will never ever malfunction, screw up, delete anything you don't want it to, or in any other way go oops EVER AGAIN.

Now take a good look out your window. See that big ol' gray blob that you've never seen there before?? That's the Brooklyn Bridge, and it's yours, all yours, for the bargain-basement price of $20. Cash only, sorry no checks please.

Now, how many of y'all really believe Choice A? How many believe Choice B? C'mon, raise those hands up high. Don't be shy now....

For those who went with Option C, None of the Above, you get the Gold Star. YYYAAAYYYY!!!!!! Good for you!!! Congratulations!!! Way to go!! ;-D

What's the point to all this idiocy, you ask?? Bottom line, people, use your brains. We all know computers and the systems they contain aren't 100% perfect, and God help the idiot who expects them to be.

So you didn't get a favor after three cases, or even a fourth. Big fat hairy deal. Don't bother pm'ing anybody. Unless you go 20-30 without one, trust me, it ain't panic material. Your favor will come.

(Hope that slows down the onslaught of pm's to Ben and Leddie a bit....;-)

Lucky Stiff

Jan-12-2008 08:29

oh, i knew i'd seen this post somewhere before. saves me starting my own.
ready? here goes...
i have had the same problem!! i've just done 5 cases without getting any favours. i mean, i've just solved 5 non-favour cases, and haven't travelled. still no favour.
ok, from reading the replies above i guess that no-one knows the answer but i wanted to jump up and down about it since i'm trying to get a contact.

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