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Worst Villian Hunt in Memory...
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Tana Danat
Tana Danat
Freedom Fighter

Sep-14-2007 22:05

As you might guess I am on an Arch Villian Hunt, well after 3 cities I have had to use 56 cases including quits.

The sad part of that number is city #2 only took 8 cases (5 of them were quits).

I'm just curious if anyone else has had one worse or similar.

As they say misery loves company, so please share ~grin



Sep-17-2007 20:27

Bad! Wait till you have thread, thread and more thread. and EVERYONE"S Alibi is the Tailor! For 7 cases in a row!! and you have a Banker contact! :(
That just really makes my day. :)

Old Shoe

Sep-18-2007 00:29

Heh, when they first wheeled out the Villain Huntin' action, there were still a few bugs in the system, and a bunch of us had ones that were all glitchy. I was in Delhi for something like 75-80 cases, moaning, shuddering and sweating in the fetal position and wondering if Ben and Sunny had gone all karmic and decided to punish me for something I had done in a past life. I've offered the thong I was wearing at the time, just in case there's ever a sleuth museum or whatever, but apparently it's a violation of all kinds of stuff in the criminal code to even put NEAR a mailbox.


unlike a malebox...

anyways, Greyling had it waaaaay worse; like 125 cases in Delhi...

oooh, plus the GOBS of people who have FAILED hunts because they forgot that 'North' is UP, etc! Been there too :S

Lucky Stiff

Sep-18-2007 14:40

Greyling has the worst luck in everything, I still remember her quest for the Stage Manager contact *shudder*.

Greyling, maybe you should try offering up some undergarments to the Altar of Sleuth Gods? ;)

Fatima Blusch
Fatima Blusch
Assistant Postman

Sep-22-2007 07:45

Arrrr! I just failed a hunt for not knowing EAST from West!


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