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Physical Evidence in Shades of Mystery

Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Sep-10-2007 15:26

Hi All,

I want to start introducing some new ideas from Shades of Mystery to give y'all a better idea of what you're in for. In this thread, I'll try talk about how physical evidence will be different in SoM from the way it works in Sleuth: Noir.

First, I posted a new screenshot on the Shades of Mystery page. This screenshot is a screen from the case file describing a clue found at the crime scene. You can either view the screen shot by going to the Shades of Mystery page in City Hall, or copying the URL below into your browser's location bar:

The first thing you'll notice is that the type of evidence "Lipstick" is new. There are a couple of gender specific evidence types in SoM. Female suspects get Lipstick, and male suspects get tobacco.

Second, the Red Star indicates the strength of this particular piece of evidence. Evidence strength is a new concept to SoM, and I'll explain more about it in another thread. Suffice to say, not all evidence is born equal. A lipstick stain is a relatively weak piece of evidence, indicating only that a suspect was at the scene of the crime, but not when, or whether they had anything to do with the murder.

Third, the "Samples Collected From" list at the bottom is one of the bigger changes in the game. The process for connecting a piece of physical evidence to a suspect is now as follows:

1) Find the evidence at the crime scene. If you have the appropriate skill, you may identify additional characteristics about the evidence at this point.

2) Gain entry to the homes of various suspects, collecting samples that can be compared against the evidence.

3) Take the evidence and the samples to an expert NPC who will help you to establish which suspect (sample) matches the evidence found.

As you can see, this makes gaining entry and searching the homes of suspects a very important part of the game.


Hawkeye Harris
Hawkeye Harris
Battered Shoe

Sep-10-2007 20:09

You are definitely trying to whet our appetite, aren't you? Well, it's working... :)

Old Shoe

Sep-11-2007 00:11

*curses Ben and runs down to the salvation army to see if they'll trade his lipsticks for tobacky*

*saves a few sticks of 'fabulous fuchsia ' for 'alone time'*

Heh. Good thing I'm a natural-born homewrecker.

Adonis Parker
Adonis Parker

Sep-11-2007 05:44

Looks good. :)

Can existing Sleuth subscribers get like a 2 week free membership on it? :)
*crosses fingers*
Paying for 2 online games is a little strenuous on a student who lives alone in his own apartment. :P

And Ben, you made this game addicting. Your fault. :P

Old Shoe

Sep-11-2007 07:12

Well it seems were going to be obeying the law a lot. I'm going to have to break into a lot of houses to finish a case. :)

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