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No more difficult cases?

Tall Dark Stranger
Tall Dark Stranger

Aug-26-2007 18:39

Is there any particular reason why I can't choose stupenduously and ridicuously hard cases anymore? The link to stupenduously hard cases disappeared a few days ago, and the link to ridicuously hard cases disappeared today.


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Aug-26-2007 19:15

You can only access those cases at a certaim amout of aquired xp. They then will unlock after that certain amount.

Safety Officer

Aug-26-2007 22:16

Since you have 28,000 Xp you should be good to go on stupendously hard cases and ridiculously hard cases.

Ergh I 'think' this is right

H = minimum 200XP
RH = minimum 400XP
RRH = minimum 1000XP
IH = minimum 2o00XP
SH = minimum 10000XP
RH = minimum 20000XP

You weren't logged on as an alt? and were just looking at the wrong case page screen. lol I've done that :D

If not, then that's just plain weird and I'd report it to Ben.

Tall Dark Stranger
Tall Dark Stranger

Aug-27-2007 08:15

Three hours ago, they were still missing, so I filed a bug report. Now they're back. :-)

Just goes to show: if you wan't something done, complain! :-)

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