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A new feature for Agencies..
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Tana Danat
Tana Danat
Freedom Fighter

Aug-24-2007 23:24

As agencies we have fun with Treasure Hunts and fame gathering and all of that.
But shouldn't agencies have a bit more of a true rivalry going?
I mean your agency is taking food off of my table by completing that Treasure Hunt, etc.
So a few of us have been batting around these ideas and want to get some feedback on them...

options include:
safecracking the agency
pickpocketing keys from THs
burning case files
stealing trophies (would get fame for that)

Your current agencies fame would decide the successes or failures of these attempts etc and more rules could be added, but what do you all think?

T. Danat


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Aug-25-2007 11:28

I would say that stealing another agencies trophy is a bad idea. Agencies work hard, and sometimes long hours, to get their treausres. For someone to just have the option to steal it from another and get fame points is just wrong. No matter how big or small the agency might be, its hard work and dedication, a little bit of luck, and a lot of communication between members that won them the trophy. It shouldnt be stolen and then rewarded with fame points to another agency.

That's my two cents worth ;)

David Adams
David Adams

Aug-25-2007 14:06

You boys've been talkin' to James Wayne II, haven't you....Well, I'll tell you the same basic thing I told him. People get a bit, um, cranky, around here, when rogue detectives try and do unscrupulous things like steal things from agencies, sabotage the community, and generally make a pain of themselves. Now, we all know you boys are the salt of the earth who'd never even THINK of doing such wicked, horrendous things to your fellow Sleuth detectives. But all the same, you might wanna come up with some new veins of conversational topics, such as when those darned Braves will win the Pennant, who makes the best hoagies, and wow, that leggy blonde sure is a looker.

As for Mr. Woggs, you might wanna start cuttin' their cigarette breaks down to ten minutes, and find some more cases for them to work on. Sounds to me like they've got just a tad too much time on their hands....

Jay Rain
Jay Rain

Aug-25-2007 18:32

^ And that's why we are all Sleuths, out to catch them unscrupulous criminals. =)
Well said on the last paragraph. =)

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