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CONTEST: Mystery Haiku!
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Aug-18-2007 12:19

Do you write haiku?
Syllables begin with five,
Then seven, then five.

And now your challenge -
We all love a mystery!
Write one for us, please.

Of course, there are rules;
Mysteries must be Haiku.
Here's an example:

She died at midnight;
Sherry and strychnyne don't mix...
The butler did it.

One haiku is all
You have to tell your story.
(Much unlike these rules)

Spelling's important;
So is plot, so be careful!
And it MUST make sense.

You may want a prize.
In fact, there will be prizes!
...When I think of some.

August thirty one -
Last date of submissions, please,
Just before midnight;

Exact server time
Is eleven fifty nine.
Don't miss the deadline!


Lucky Stiff

Jun-11-2008 06:45

Bump, cos I want to
I liked reading these Haiku
Well done all. (Go sleuth!)

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