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False accusation! :(
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Aug-17-2007 06:00

Hey fellow sleuths! My problem is the following...

Yesterday I got a little bit frustrated, I was 85% sure of who was the killer, but I did not have all the evidence to prove it so I decided to gamble a bit.


My record is now scarred by that false accusation, and it's gonna cost me 15000$ to remove it. My question is, what is the best idea to do in this situation? Just get the money as fast as possible and remove it, as the price seems to be rising, or just let it be? Does a false accusation have any negative effects on your sleuthing?

And also, if I may squeeze in another small question here; I've been having some troubles solving cases lately, I'm at the stupendously/ridiculously hard level. What's the best way to solve a case, I find I waste A LOT of questions trying to find all the suspects.

Thanks in advance everybody, ciao!


Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-18-2007 07:10

Also, Delhi is apparently the cheapest place to pay off F.As

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