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False accusation! :(


Aug-17-2007 06:00

Hey fellow sleuths! My problem is the following...

Yesterday I got a little bit frustrated, I was 85% sure of who was the killer, but I did not have all the evidence to prove it so I decided to gamble a bit.


My record is now scarred by that false accusation, and it's gonna cost me 15000$ to remove it. My question is, what is the best idea to do in this situation? Just get the money as fast as possible and remove it, as the price seems to be rising, or just let it be? Does a false accusation have any negative effects on your sleuthing?

And also, if I may squeeze in another small question here; I've been having some troubles solving cases lately, I'm at the stupendously/ridiculously hard level. What's the best way to solve a case, I find I waste A LOT of questions trying to find all the suspects.

Thanks in advance everybody, ciao!


Dave Von Wave
Dave Von Wave

Aug-17-2007 06:19

My advice, wait until you get a second false accusation. It'll cost less than removing one now and one later. If you keep guessing it's bound to happen, Heck I've falsely accused by goin back to old notes after dinner and missreading them. Nothing makes you feel more of an idiot than falsely accusing someone when your wife points out that you crossed him off the list earlier.

False accusations only matter when you've got two. That's when you go to Shady to clear them. If they get to three you've gotten to many.

As for your second question. I find that hypnotism and research helps. Also, be sure to check the research alibi as soon as you get new people. Saves you from asking the townies that extra question.

If I'm down to two suspects I pick one and ask all other suspects about him. If (ALL suspects)-2 say that they don't suspect him then it isn't him.
Of course that only works if they all talk. If you're lucky, one person might suspect him (if he has a fake/no alibi you've got him, otherwise you're back to square one.)

Sometimes I make guesses on this last system. Most of the time I'm right. I still need to stop doing so.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-17-2007 13:19

You can choose to keep the false and keep going until you get a second if you want. No, falses don't have any real effect on the game, other than making the acquirer of said false a tad more nervous about his/her false and the idea of getting another one (self-fulfilling prophecy there). That can be a bit of an AAAAGGGHH!! situation for many....:-/

You do need to keep one thing in mind though. As long as you have that false, the price to pay it off will keep rising. So every case you solve, regardless of the level or reward, is gonna raise the price on your head. If you can live with the rising interest level, as it were, then feel free to wait around for your second false. If not, you might want to do what you can to pay it off as soon as possible.

And as it's been said 562 gabillion times before around here, guessing makes you Shady's best friend. Use the formulas that are wallpapered everywhere around here, and don't just be 85% sure. If you're less than 99.9% sure, be prepared to make a new friend....

Pinball Amateur

Aug-17-2007 13:26

As far as solving stup/rid hard cases go, there's a reason why they're called Stupendously and Ridiculously hard. They're TOUGH!!! Having the lock-picking skill (not to be confused with pick-pocketing, please) helps some, because you get two free (but random) questions out of random (again) suspects. Assiduously using the research skill can also help immensely, because that can eliminate the possibility of asking about suspects if you pounce on the researched suspect and ask him/her. Hypnotism also helps because it tends to give a name about 75% of the time you ask a suspect the motive question. Usually, one to two of these people per case will be new suspects. Finally, having a P/E contact and using him/her on your evidence as you go can also help cut down on the clams and unnecessary questions.

Hope all that helps. ;-)


Aug-18-2007 02:50

Thanks to both of you! I'll just wait for my second false accusation then, it's bound to happen some time, eh? :)

Again, thanks for taking the time to answer. Bye! I'm off to crack a couple of cases!

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Aug-18-2007 07:10

Also, Delhi is apparently the cheapest place to pay off F.As

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