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Only 1 PE and no WE. Please Help
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Scarlett Hennessy
Scarlett Hennessy

Aug-12-2007 23:11

Hi! I'm a newbie and I'm working on 1 case right now. My Detective is tough and charming with flirting, sweet-talking, bend the rules, interrogation skills. I have spoken to all my main suspects(those without real alibis) and sadly all of them have clammed up to me. I have 2 physical evidences, a note and a footprint. The note belongs to 1 of the main suspects but the shoemaker keeps telling me that the footprint does not belong to any of my suspects at all. It's all very confusing.
Three townies have told me that three different suspects "think he/she knows who the killer is..."

1st problem.
Those 3 different suspects are the Main Suspects(I actually have 4 of them). They have all clammed up to me.

I swear I really did my best to ask just the right questions. to ask them only about the other main suspects. But I don't get any common denominator at all. Example, 1 suspect does not suspect the other 2 before he clams up, so that leaves 2 of them. When I ask the others about the "other" 2 they don't suspect them at all. Are they always telling the truth?

Last(I promise)
I know the note belongs to 1 of my main suspects, but nobody suspects her either. How can that be?

I'm so sorry to take up too much space on such a simple question. I really like this game and I just get sooo frustrated when I can't solve the case. Anyone who can help me will have my eternal gratitude. Thankyouthankyou.


Tana Danat
Tana Danat
Freedom Fighter

Aug-13-2007 00:34

PMing you as well incase this is spoiler material if it is Mod Nuke this post please don't want to goof...
First off weird...
Let me make sure I have the facts straight (guessing this is an easy case, judging by numbers and PE, please say if this is not the case.)
Foot Print - Belongs to none with Fake Alibi or did you mean No one at all?
Note - If Foot is first must be the PE piece, yet the banker is being mum correct?
WE - You have asked everyone about at least 2 of them and neither of those were "suspected"

Here is where you decide if you are a gambler... If two of the three have NO WE, the third must be guilty.
PM me back and let me know if my guesswork is accurate before you decide what you are going to do.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-13-2007 00:39

First off, stop apologizing. You did a great job explaining your situation. ;-)

Now, as for your case, it sounds like you've found a total of four suspects, yes? And three of those suspects have false alibis, yes? And of those three suspects, one of them has the note you mentioned matched to him/her?

If I've read all that right, and understood you correctly, you've just gotten very lucky. In Sleuth, in order for someone to be guilty, one of the following formulas MUST be matched:

F/A / N/A (False Alibi/No Alibi) + P/E (Physical Evidence) = GUILTY

F/A / N/A + W/E (Witness Evidence) = GUILTY


So, if what you've said above is correct, formula #1 applies to this case. Your guilty suspect is the one that matches the note. ;-D

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Aug-13-2007 00:47

Also, check the fortune teller, by paying 20 bucks to find if you have all the suspects or if you are missing some more suspects.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-13-2007 00:49

One other thing:

"Hints" are the statements given by the townspeople about a couple of suspects every case. Sometimes they will say something like, "John Smith hasn't seen anything suspicious, and doesn't know anything." Other times, you get a suspect named like this, "Jane Doe thinks she knows who the killer is."

NOW, BEWARE!!! Just because some moronic townie says that Jane Doe s'pposedly knows something doesn't make it true. Yes, s'pposedly she has a Witness Evidence statement about somebody. Will it be for the right person (ie.-the killer)?? That's a whole 'nother ball game. Jane Doe may tell you something about a guilty suspect. She could also give you a statement about a suspect with a VALID alibi. So take these 'hints' with a grain of salt.

Also, just because Suspect #1 doesn't know anything about #2 or 3, and Suspect doesn't know anything about #1 or 3, that doesn't mean a thing concerning the suspects. ANY suspect can give you a Witness Evidence (W/E) Statement about ANY other suspect at any time. W/E statements are basically gossip, and can really only be considered valid IF you've got the other evidence you need to back them up (see the formulas I just gave you).

Pinball Amateur

Aug-13-2007 00:54

Hopefully, you've been able to solve your case by now. If you need more help, feel free to pm me.

Most important of all:

If you can't narrow things down to one person, the best thing you can do for yourself is to quit the case. There's no shame in quitting a case, and it'll save you a LOT of anger and frustration with Shady in the end.

Hope all that helps. Good luck, and Happy Hunting!! ;-D

Scarlett Hennessy
Scarlett Hennessy

Aug-13-2007 06:01

Everybody has been soo helpful. Thankyouthankyou! Please close thread Mr/Ms forum moderator. :D

Old Shoe

Aug-14-2007 01:02





Yeah. We can't lock threads, so I just hope that when you next see this one, Scarlett, it's like 10 months from now and you have like umpteeen bazillion exp points and get to laugh at all the newish people who haven't figured out the formula yet. Or 'by then'. Or whatever.

See how nice we are here?

Sleuth strong,yo.

Jay Rain
Jay Rain

Aug-14-2007 06:17

Is the formula really accurate?

R Anstett
R Anstett

Aug-14-2007 07:30

Yes the formula is constant in all the random cases.

PE + Liar/no alibi = guilty
WE + Liar/no alibi = guilty
WE + WE = guilty

PE + WE and clammed suspect does NOT equal guilty.


Aug-14-2007 12:02

So if you PE + WE but an unknown alibi- and they have clammed- they might not necessarily be guilty?

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