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Crime Lab?


Aug-12-2007 22:21

Is the crime lab useful or is it just for show?



Aug-12-2007 22:47

Useful if you are in an agency with others. They can take a look once a day at one peice of evidence in your case files that they have analysis skills for (like handwriting analysis - they could then look at a note in one of your stored cases and tell you if it came from a right or left handed person). So very useful in bigger agencies.

Pinball Amateur

Aug-13-2007 00:20

There's posts and threads about the Crime Lab all over the place, most recently here, when I told Adelaide Woodward a bit about them:

They can be useful for just about any Agency that's not a one-man place. And no, they're not meant to be for show. They cost money, and are part of an Agency's rent.

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