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More cases please
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Aug-11-2007 21:58

I started the game about two days ago and I am finding myself already on the easy cases.
I am worried that cases will run out

Could you please add some more? :)


Tana Danat
Tana Danat
Freedom Fighter

Aug-11-2007 23:03

In fact the only cases that will never change are the scripted mysteries.
(I hate hitting tab and then enter before I'm ready to fini


Aug-12-2007 08:35

The only random cases that you will "run out of" are beginner. Technically, I believe you stop getting them at a certain level of experience. However, the other levels of random cases will always be available to you.

Aug-12-2007 11:46

Yep. I believe you stop getting beginner cases after 100 experience.

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