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Close call between suspects.
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Eva Rose
Eva Rose

Jul-31-2007 10:27

Ok, i had a case where i had two suspects who both had physical evidence against them and both had witness evidence against them.

One of them had no alibi and the others alibi i couldn't varify because i'd used up all my questions with that townsperson.

What can i do in that situation besides quiting and guessing?


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-31-2007 12:05

The formulas that ARA stated are 100% accurate.

Eva Rose
Eva Rose

Aug-1-2007 05:56

Ok, i'm on a case at the moment with a number of suspects with no/fake alibi.

I have two suspects who had no PE against them (A and B)
One suspect who may have one piece of PE against them but the barber clammed. (C)
Then i have one guy whose alibi i can't varify. (D)

The only option i have left is to start looking for WE.

Is it reasonable to presume that C is more likey to be guilty as he has a fake alibi and might have PE against him, therefore WE will show up against him?
Followed by A and B who also both have fake alibis?
And the least likey is C as he might very well have a valid alibi?


Is A and B just as likely to be guilty and WE show up against them as C because they only need WE and no/fake alibi to be guilty?

Eva Rose
Eva Rose

Aug-1-2007 06:04

Typical, it was D.

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Aug-1-2007 08:41

Each case will have ONE piece of Physical evidence and TWO pieces of Witness evidence against someone with a fake/no alibi.

There will be people with real alibis who have one peice of PE and/or one piece of WE, but because they have a real alibi, they can not be guilty.

The problem is finding all the evidence. You only need one piece of evidence and a fake/no alibi to accuse.

In your case Eva, if neither A or B have matching PE, they are not guilty. C has a fake alibi and D is unconfirmed. I would ask everyone for WE against C. If one person points to C and C has a verified fake alibi, then you can accuse safely. With D, you would need two people (WE) to accuse without knowing the alibi.

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