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Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jul-14-2007 04:43

There are a lot of really good posts out there. Some have even become people's favourite.

I think it would be nice if people would post the title of 2 or 3 of their favourite posts here, a link to them and more importantly a little bit about the post and why they like it :)

It would be a shame if this went all spammy and people just posted 100 links to the posts they wrote!

So keep it friendly, keep it spammy free as we might need all that spam for the next World War (I hear spam keeps forever), and try to keep it to your 2 or 3 favourite posts. Ok, 4 or 5 favourite posts even! Although, if in a week you see a new great post and think it deserves the honours of being here, feel free to post again :D


Sir Butcher De Vei
Sir Butcher De Vei

Jul-14-2007 21:48

Heehee. The Newbies thread was also the first post I read when I came here, took me 2 sodas and 2 packs of chips to read through trying desperately to store and record all information so as not to forget any when I start playing. =) There are lots of threads out there that I love but Ill just post 3 so it wont get spammy.

Murphy's Law of Sleuth

Oddly enough, almost all of the situations described inside happened to me. Hate those moments when you pull out your hair, bang your keyboard and curse Sleuth's evil random generator. -.-

Why did you pick your detective name?

This is also a favorite of mine, although I havent posted in there yet.. (I think I should later...) Anyways, its really interesting to see the inspiration and reasoning behind the birth of each detectives' name and title.

Sleuth Cookbook

Sometimes when I am bored channelsurfing, I would switch over to the local homecooking channel and watch Ironchef! Same here, I hope there are more recipes inside, but whats in there now is enough to churn my stomach in the meantime. It always perks me up and gets me in the mood to dabble in the kitchen. Of course, most of the time I end up ordering fast food or heating ready to cook meals. Either way, seeing how they cook, knowing what the ingredients are, how much of something, how long to heat, etc... and finally how the finished dish looks like gives oneself a culinary orgasm that whatever you get to eat soon after will taste like ambrosia or the like. Its a shame food aromas dont carry over the television screen or a computer monitor. -.-

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-3-2007 03:45

Anyone of Annika's competition threads on the Gameroom Message Boards!


Oct-3-2007 04:13

I've enjoyed reading through the silly answers in the Post Blatent Lies About The Person Before You thread. Such creative people here :)

I also enjoyed reading the Careers thread, so many fascinating careers you wouldn't even think were existant, and I don't believe I've even read anything repeated- other than being a Slueth on the side ;)

Pinball Amateur

Oct-3-2007 16:33

Okay, I've got one from each board. (Yeah, I know, we're only s'pposed to do a couple, and I am, one from each! ;-D Here goes nothin'...;-)

From the Newbies Board:

Archetypes, Skills and Gears!

Basically, an offshoot of the Welcome Newbies thread. It's got all sorts of useful stuff about all three of its title words. (Someone should really sticky this thing ....)

From Sleuth Talk:

Board of Good Cheer

This one celebrates all sorts of great accomplishments of ordinary and extraordinary Sleuths alike!! How can ya go wrong?? ;-)

From the Detective Agency Recruiting:

Read This First

Y'all would not BELIEVE how long it took for someone to come up with this idea, and how many world wars people went through before this thread because unsubbs didn't bother reading the blurb at the top of the board. It's still fun reading what some people will do to try and weasle their way outta paying, or get others to do it. (Thanks Crunch!) ;-)

From the Gumshoe Lounge:

Ok, I lied. I have two. Shoot me. ;-)

Anything and Nothing

This thread's about just what it says, anything, and nothing. It's a hoot to read. But beware the Spork! ;-)


Page 2 Posts

This one's an homage to forgotten threads that were relegated to at least page 2 (reminds me of something...hmmm....;-). Some of them are really good.

Pinball Amateur

Oct-3-2007 16:39

From the Role Playing Stage:

The Investigation Continues

(Shamless bit of self-promotion here, but what the heck. ;-) This one was the impetus for starting the Role Playing Board, and was the basis for about a dozen other threads. It's some of the best writing I've ever done, and hope to get back to do more soon. ;-)

Finally, from the Message Board Game Room:

Contest of the Month

URL changes each month

This thread offers people the chance to try their hand at a variety of writing experiences. Some are fairly easy, some are incredibly difficult. All of the entries are wonderfully creative. Even people who say they can't write surprise themselves here! ;-D

So there ya go, a few picks from each Board. And here ends my chance to be an Unmodded Mod. That was neat!! ;-D

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Jan-20-2011 11:18

Hey All
As you know I haven't been around in ages and ages. I occasionally checked on the message boards and saw the Sleuth Survivor thing which looked amazing!! I was so impressed by the organisation and those who participated.
I realized there are probably a million really cool, really fab threads I missed. I've probably also missed some really good, useful helpful threads about the new content that I've missed. (And I am going to need a lot of help of the new content, I heart spoilers).

So, please post away with your favorites threads and a little information about the thread :)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Jan-20-2011 11:52

I"d have to say that most of my favorite posts are in the RP Board. I'm starting to enjoy it. Writing is a new hobby of mine that I'm starting to really enjoy doing.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Jan-20-2011 12:51

Ooh, let’s see…

Molly Maltese’s Beauty Pageant thread. To see who is the loveliest Sleuth of all…er…2009 :P

This “Something New!!” thread has all of our excitement from when VHs including Cairo were introduced. From speculation to experimentation to the big reveal, and people’s reactions.

I’d also recommend checking out the Game Announcements section for most of the updates to the game and recommendations for new SMs to try (they’re really really good). There were other things like VH Tournaments (hosted by myself) and March Madness (hosted by Anais Nin) somewhere on the boards, so if you have the time to trawl through them one day, that might be fun. And of course, being a Role Player, I’d say check out that section too for some good stories to read. :)

Ahh…the Awkward Lines thread. This is my personal ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! Not sure if it’s just my odd sense of humor or what, but this thing never fails to crack me up. It’s also a good reminder to pop into barchat once in a while to see what’s happening. :)

Simon Quince
Simon Quince
Freedom Fighter

Mar-16-2011 20:51

Arch Villain Caught!
The notorious criminal Faakhir "the Tank" Belphegore was brought to justice by Lizzy Kate after a painstaking hunt in which the heroic detective successfully tracked the villain around the world.

Highest rated newbie at the moment, this gal's going to the big time!

Sir William Weine
Sir William Weine
Lucky Stiff

Jun-16-2011 14:58

Page 2 posts (whenever I bump a page 2 post, it bumps a page 1 post down!)

Also, Unusual Barchat lines.

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